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How to Increase the space of the computer partition? 2022


Today I am sharing how to increase the computer partition space.
Often it happens that the space on a single partition on our computer is reduced and we want to increase the space. So this is my thread for today.
This is the way I’m telling you for Windows Ten.

The F Drive space on my computer is a bit lacking and I want to increase it.
Previously I had also increased the space of the C-drive which I could not take in the screenshot.
Now I’m going to upgrade F-Drive to teach you. And I’m giving a screenshot as well.
You can reduce or decrease the space of any drive in this way. But for this, you need to have space in another drive which you can reduce by increasing your desired drive.
Right now my f-drive is 390 GB and only 3.21 GB is space free.

To enhance this you will have to download a software called EaseUS Partition Master.

Download this software and install it on your computer. After install, open it.

After opening, you will see a screen like this. Where you can see all your drives, their space capacities and free capacities. In this screenshot, you can see that my f-drive has 3.21 GB of free space and the total capacity is 390 GB.

Now I have to remove the space from another drive to increase the total space of the F drive. So I have to select e-drive to extract some space from e-drive. According to this screenshot I selected the e-drive first and then press the resize tab.

The size of my e-drive is 400 GB. I’ll reduce some of this space. There are two ways to reduce space.
The first way we can do this is by sliding the space bar upwards.
Another way we can reduce this is by clicking on Advanced Settings.

Here we have to reduce the custom space and hit the OK tab.
After that, you will see a window like this again and a new space will appear in it.
This is the space I extracted from the e-drive. And with this, you can also check the e-drive capacities
Which is down from 400 GB to 376.52 GB. Now space we extracted from the e-drive
She’s ready to add to F-Drive.

Now we have to select the F drive and press the Resize tab again.

Now you will see a window like this. And in the space bar on the left, you will see an empty space.
There are two methods you can use to add this space to your drive.
That is, sliding the spacebar or clicking on advanced settings.
You can add all the space to it or do as much as you want.
Then you have to click on the OK tab.


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