How to increase the speed PTCL internet | working method

Do you want to speed up your slow PTCL internet? Of course, everyone wants. So today we are going to talk about How to increase the speed PTCL internet. In terms of the internet, PTCL connection has terrible overall performance, but the Ptcl internet is very cheap as compared to other internet services. So the best possible solution that you are looking for to fix the problems and Ptcl internet speeding up according to your needs. This article will help you to solve your questions, and you will get the best ways to speed up your Ptcl internet connection if you think that your internetworking is very slow.

So, there isn’t always a single method to speed up the Ptcl internet other than with better bandwidth and speeds. However, these things listed under will affect the overall performance of your Ptcl internet connection and speed up your ptcl internet and enhance its overall performance.

Following are the different methods to speed up your Ptcl internet:

1 Outdoor Connection will check first

Ptcl internet connection does not like fiber optical like; NayaTel. It is based on telephone cable to convey voice and data together, which makes it slower than expected, you cannot change this, but you can enhance this.

Firstly you want to make sure that your telephone line is spotless, it’s mean it must not have any breakage and joints, then secondly your Ptcl internet connection will be coming from the nearest distribution. If your wire has any damage, joints, or coming far away, then your internet speed will be slow, then the best way you must change the whole cable; otherwise, your internet speed will affect severely.

2 Indoor Connection will check must

Once outdoor Connection is perfectly fine, you are fully satisfied. You must check your indoor Connection. 2 things you must you need to check, one is your broadband splitter, wherein your broadband line and phone line inserted collectively, the other thing is your router.

Poor quality Ptcl device is degraded; the router and the splitter, which is very important in providing a good internet speed or Connection.

You must improve these two things this will enhance your Ptcl internet speed. If you have an old splitter and router, you must change them. Buy new splitter and router that are best from the marketplace and install them. If your router is older, then it will drop packets during data transmission and deliver terrible WIFI signals. Changing the router will surely improve your internet speed and wifi signals.

3 You must Watch Your Bandwidth

If you’ve got one connected to, let’s say 2MB or 1MB, and you’ve got connected 4 to 5 devices with it used concurrently, then don’t blame PTCL internet speed, you’re sharing the bandwidth among all network connections. If you’re the usage of 4 or extra gadgets linked to at least one respect, then you must upgrade your plan. Buy 4MB internet package deal from PTCL, an excellent way to accelerate your whole Connection.

4 You must Restart Before daily Use

Ptcl internet connection will be facing different problems daily, so you must reset your router device daily. It will be help you to speed up your internet. Restart your device just Turing off; then, it will take 2 minutes and turning back on.

This will refresh the Connection and wipes out all problems met during the past few hours. It must be a turn-off, and on your internet router daily, the result will keep the Connection alive, and internet speed is fast all the time.

5 Ethernet Cable

There are many lousy quality cables in the market, suppose you are using Ethernet connection you then should to additionally test your Ethernet cable, any damages within the cable could affect your Ptcl internet speed. You must use CAT5e or CAT 5 cable for a stable internet connection.


I hope you can increase the speed of Ptcl Internet with this method.

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