How To Make Money From Google (Complete Guide)

Are you looking for a way for “How To Make Money From Google“? If yes then you came at right place. You may have seen many peoples, who are making good amount of money by google from the comfort of their own house. Yes it is possible to make money from google but it takes a lot effort and patience, if you are one of those peoples who can work with patience then making money from google is the right choice for you. Google is the biggest platform for making money online, it is giving work to millions of peoples into their home. But making money from google is takes time and patience, yes you definitely can make huge money from google if you are consistent on your work and willing to do hard work. So in this article i am going to tell you about “How To Make Money From Google”.

How To Make Money From Google

How To Make Money From Google
How To Make Money From Google

The best way of How To Make Money From Google is Adsense, millions of peoples are using adsense to earn revenues from their websites/blog. So first of all let’s have a look what is google adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google adsense is a program to which allow publishers in the google network to serve different type of ads which are targeted to site contents and audience. These all advertisements are stored and administrate by google. The ads are generate revenues for the publishers either by PPC(pay per click) or RPM(revenue per thousands impression). As google helps publishers to earn money with their contents using adsense, that is why google also take a significant amount from the advertisers. Overall google is the best pay per click advertising program in the world, which is the highly trusted and highest paying program.

How Google Adsense works?

Adsense can be used by the YouTube publishers and webmasters to earn money by showing targeted ads on their websites. The steps given below will tell you how google adsense works, so let’s check out.

  1. When a publisher make an YouTube page or blog and start adding content on it, that time he can apply for google adsense to show ads on his/her page/blog to earn revenue from those ads.
  2. First of all users has to signup for an google adsense account.(Signup for Adsense)
  3. Now when you successfully signup for the google adsense program, you will have to add your website(on which you want to show ads) into google adsense account.
  4. After adding your website now you will have to provide your contact information to adsense.
  5. Now click on submit, here google will give you a code to install into your website.
  6. The google will use this code to analyze your site for whether it is follows the google privacy policy or not.
  7. When google analyse your site completely then it will sent you a mail regarding approval.
  8. After approval from Google to use google adsense, now you will be able to add advertise into your website.
  9. You can show upto three ad unit on your blog which are as follows – 3 Content Ad unit, 2 Link Ad unit and 2 Search Box.
  10. Whenever a user clicks on any advertisement then you will be paid according to your ad CPC.

Note: Don’t try to ask your friends or family to click on your ads, because if google notice any invalid activity into your account then it will block your account from serving ads. Google Adsense is an very high quality advertisements program and it check and verify your account activities frequently, if it notice any invalid click or any other activity which is not allowed by adsense then your account may get blocked from serving ads.

How to Get approved by adsense

This is the most frequently asked question specially by the new bloggers, who just started their blogging carrier. After creating a niche website and adding some contents into it, the second target of a newbie is getting approved by adsense and start making money from their blog. But there are some points to be noted before going to get approved by adsense. The main requirements which must be fulfill before applying for Adsense are given below.

1. Contents

  1. Your blog must have enough contents to get approved by adsense, there is not an specific number of post you must have to get approved. But you may have some post to be visible on massive search engine google. Let’s we say you should right 30 high quality post before applying for adsense, yes these are enough to apply for adsense.

2. Blog Age

In some countries the blog age should be minimum 6 months to get approved by adsense, so make sure if your country is not in the list if your blog is less than 6 months old. Actually it is good to have 6 months old blog before applying for adsense, because new blogs can’t earn significant $ , the reason behind it is less traffic and developing stage of blog. In first 6 months your blog may not have enough audience and awareness among peoples, so less visits on your blog will not convert into good clicks. To get started effectively with Adsense you should have 300 visits and 500-600 page views daily minimum, it is not mandatory for getting approved but without this much traffic you can’t earn significant amount from Adsense. Many users ask usHow To Make Money From Google in less time so we want to tell you there is not any shortcut, you just need to be consistent on your work.

3. Main Pages

You should create 4 main pages before going to apply for adsense on your blog, google deeply analyse your blog before approving for serving ads. These 4 pages you must have on your blog to give your blog professional look. The main 4 pages are given below.

  • Privacy Policy page
  • Disclaimer
  • About us
  • Contact us

4. Don’t Copy contents

You may have heared many times about not copying contents from another blogs or websites for surviving in blogging world. Yes that is true if you want to be a successful blogger, then you must write unique contents. Contents is the key of a successful blog, blog can never became successful and popular without having good and unique contents. So if you want to get approved by adsense, then you must have write your own content and don’t even think of copying anything from any other place.

5. Theme Selection

Theme selection is an important part of your blog quality, if you are thinking of downloading a premium theme from the websites like pirate bay or from any other site for free then you are likely to close your get of getting adsense. You should buy a premium theme or a select a free responsive theme to get approved by adsense. The free premium themes available on sites can damage your blog so don’t think of free premium theme.

6. Write High Quality contents

Unique contents with high quality is the sign of becoming one of the most successful blog in future, so writing content with good seo score is the mandatory task for your blog. You can use these best tools to optimize a site, which will help you to make quality contents. No one will like a blog with lack of grammar skills and bad English, you will have to improve your content quality to get approved with adsense. Mean while you can get your adsense approval very easily without any difficulty if your blog follows these 6 rules of quality.

What you should not do before or after Adsense approval

If you want to get adsense for your blog, and after approval you don’t want to get blocked by adsense. You will have to follow these rules for making your blog adsense compatible.

  1. Don’t try to buy fake backlinks from different services, if someone told you that he will give you 2k-3k backlinks for 5$ or more then don’t fall into trap. If adsense found any type of invalid activity then it will not approve your blog or it will penalize your account if you are approved already.
  2. Don’t try any shortcut to make your blog successful, because it is not gonna help your blog. As someone said “Don’t try shortcuts in blogging because shortcuts will give you cut short”. Blogging is not for the peoples who don’t have patience, blogging is a slow way of becoming successful. If you want to be successful in short time then blogging is not a good choice for you, because their is no shortcuts in blogging life.
  3. Blogging needs time, if you thinks you can be a successful blogger in only months then you are wrong. You will have to be consistent on your blogging work and don’t try shortcuts, just do hard work and make patience. You will be successful in blogging carrier if you apply these all points into your blogging strategy mark my words.

So these are the some points of “How To Make Money From Google”i have given you for apply on your blog before applying for adsense. If you think i have missed any point to write here then tell me in comment section, i will update this page if i found something helpful to add. Stay connected with us and keep reading our blog. If you like the article then share it and tell your friends How To Make Money From Google.

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