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How to Protect your Facebook ID from Hacking

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How to Protect your Facebook ID from Hacking



A lot of people didn’t know how to secure their Facebook from hacking as people use a lot of methods to hack i.d but you can protect your Facebook i.d from hacking by these easy methods.

To Hack, a Facebook Account Hacker need these three pieces of information

  1. Mobile Number
  2. Email Address
  3. Facebook address

If you Hide This Information Then your account will be safe 99%.

  1. Go to Facebook I.D setting.
  2. Click on privacy Now.
  3. Here in Contact information change setting from Public to Only me.

Remember Security Settings are also essential nowadays to protect your Facebook i.d.

Go to setting and click on Security and activate here this 3 option

  • Login Alert
  • Login Approval
  • Code Generator

This option can save your account when someone tries to hack your account from new location Facebook gives you an alert notification and also it asks for code which you can activate and get through SMS or by the Facebook app.

Important Tip: Never Provide Facebook Password Outside FB Websites, some people use Phishing method, in which other websites look same like FB and When you enter the password, they can see that password.Always see the URL before entering FB Password to be safe from this trick of a hacker.

After these Setting, i can assure you nobody can Hack your account.


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