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How to Remotely Logout Facebook Account-2022


Today’s article is about remotely logging into Facebook
Yes if you were using Facebook in your office or on a friend’s computer and you have to
If you do not remember to log out from a friend or office computer, you can log out of Facebook remotely very easily.

First, you open your ID from another device and go to Settings just like the screen shortcut.

Go to tab of this tab This tab will contain all the device shows you have used to run Facebook in the Security And Login setting.
The device just below the device from which you are logged into the ID will be the device that was your friend or office device.

Now there are three dots appearing in front of this device and click on them and the logout option will be shown then click on your ID
Your friend or office computer will be automatically logged out.

Similarly, you can log out of all the old devices many members will know this truck but many
If members do not know, they will benefit too

Hope you like this article.

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