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How to Use WhatsApp on PC 2022


Today in this Article I will tell you how we can use WhatsApp on PC.
I’ve noticed that many people are asking about this.
So I thought of creating an article that all people could benefit from.
So, first of all, download the WhatsApp for PC from this address.


When you click on this address, you will see a screen like this.
If your system is 64 bit, the app will automatically ask you to download 64 bit. And if your system is 32 bit
The 32-bit app will automatically be ready for download. Since my system is 64 bit
So in the screenshot, you will see download for windows (64 bit) written as soon as you click on download.
The app will start downloading as per number 3 in the screenshot below.

When the app is fully downloaded you will see this screenshot. Here you have to double click on this icon.

As soon as you double-click, a window will open according to this screenshot. Here you have to click on Run.

When you click Run, the app will start to install. And in a little while, you will see a code corresponding to this screenshot
And there are three types of instructions. That’s what the real thing is. Select the option according to your phone.
And open the WhatsApp web on your mobile by going to Menu or Settings.
Your mobile camera will be turned on as you open. Put your mobile camera in front of the code that appears on your PC screen.
The camera will scan this code and instantly sync your mobile WhatsApp with the PC.

As soon as your WhatsApp app is synced, you will see a window like this. And your WhatsApp data will be visible on the PC. Now you can use WhatsApp on PC.
One important thing is that you can use the WhatsApp on the PC as long as your mobile WhatsApp is connected. As soon as your mobile is disconnected from Wi-Fi or mobile data. You will also be disconnected from the PC.

Hope you like this article.

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