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How to Use Zoom to PC Laptop 2022


Friends, today I have come up with a small but useful tip for you.

Many people may already know this. But there will be plenty of our new people who don’t even know about it.
Sometimes a writing or a picture is small enough and your heart wants to see it a little bigger. Well, there are plenty of ways but the easiest way I am going to tell you.
You can enlarge your screen with the mouse. For this, you must have a mouse with a whale on it. This is usually the case with every mouse today. But some mouse are without it.


(Ctrl) + mousewheel

You have to press and hold the control button and move the mouse wheel. As you rotate the wheel your view will start to grow larger. You can discount, enlarge it to suit your needs. As you minimize or enlarge the view, its print will appear on the screen. You can also set this percentile accordingly.

I hope all my friends have understood.

for zoom percentage see screen shot.

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