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How to Writing Urdu on Computer 2022


Today, I will show you how you can easily write Urdu without any software on the computer.
So let’s start,
In Windows 7 and Vista, all you have to do is install Urdu keyboard and just start typing Urdu. Urdu keyboard is installed very easily and free. I am giving this link for this.


When you open this link, you will see what it looks like.


Click on the Urdu Pad Installer from here. The file will begin downloading with a click and a few seconds will appear at the bottom of the browser. Now you have to open this file. And install it. You will see this screen when the keyboard is installed.

Now you press the Close button. Your computer is now ready for writing Urdu.
Keyboard usage.
Now I will tell you how to use it. Check out this screenshot for her. And select accordingly.

After doing all this you have now selected Urdu. Now you can write both Urdu and English in the software you work with. That is, if you want to write Urdu in Word or go to Excel to write Urdu and AutoCAD. Wherever you can write English from this computer you can now write Urdu as well.
And every software will automatically have Urdu fonts added. See this screenshot for an example. I made it from Word and the Urdu fonts are visible as well.

Now check out this screenshot I made in Excel. And the fonts are visible as well.

Now there is one problem for you is that Urdu does not appear on your computer’s keypad like mobile. By the way, this is a phonetic keyboard, which means that the voice comes from the English alphabet. For example, A and A are written. In the same way, s and s are written by the letters S and so on.
However, a solution to this problem is also available at this link. That is, the pad is allotted. You should take a print of the pad and write it accordingly. It will be a little difficult at the beginning, then gradually you will remember the characters.
Check out this screenshot for the keyboard layout.

So, my friends, this article is complete. Now you guys should try it and give me your opinion.
Note: This is only for Windows 7 and Vista. May also be installed in Windows XP but its process is a bit lengthy. But that’s also in the same link.

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