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how we transfer our PC data to our laptop without internet 2022


I am making this Article after much research.
how we could transfer our PC data to our laptop without internet.
I’ve been working on it ever since. But I couldn’t find the time to create the article.
I have checked it thoroughly. And I will also attach a screenshot of each step in this article.

By following this article you can transfer your data from PC to PC, laptop to laptop or laptop to laptop.And you don’t need any internet connection. Yes, however, there is a common C data cable on either side
Connect RJ45 connectors. Those who use the Internet will need it.
I am attaching these screenshots to Windows 10 and Windows 8. There may be a slight difference in other windows.

But the procedure will be the same.
You must first turn off Wi-Fi on both systems. Then connect both systems to a data cable.
That is, place one end of the data cable into one computer and the other end into another computer.
When the data cable is connected, a yellow icon appears on the Internet icon on the screen of both computers.

Now open the network folder on your computer. And according to this screenshot

You will then see a popup window like this. You just have to click according to this screenshot.

Then you have to click according to this screenshot.

Then you have to right-click on the screen and refresh. You will start to see another computer on your screen as soon as you refresh.

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