Today, I’m going to tell you that on the Telenor EasyPaisa App, with only one paisa, you can get 50 MBs.

Get 50 MBs in only 1 Paisa

There is an easy way to get 50 MBs just in 1 Paisa on Telenor EasyPaisa App. You can subscribe to this offer again and again to get MBs.


There is a Social Daily Bundle which you can subscribe with only 1 Paisa and get 50 MBs for a day.

How to get 50 MBs in 1 Paisa

There is a weekly offer in which you can get 1024 MBs in 75 Rupees only.

How to get 50 MBs in 1 Paisa


You can get the EasyCard in 135 Rupees with the Telenor EasyPaisa App.

How to get 50 MBs in 1 Paisa



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