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In the hands of Google your name deeds


Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? How scary does it feel? But how do you feel if we tell you that everything you do on the Internet is being watched? If you want to guess, a little browser extension is “Ghostry”, which tells you how many tracking scripts are on common websites.

By acquiring this consumer data, these websites sell to advertisers, but there are some companies that take it to a whole new level. Such as Google and Facebook. Each of the 60 rupees spent on digital advertising goes into the pockets of these companies. Both have the highest potential of getting information from their customers.

It is almost certain that if you are reading Urdu Trab, you will definitely be using some Google product. Google has over 79 products and its mobile operating system Android is currently available on 70 to 80 percent of the world’s smartphone devices. Google also occupies about 79% of the online search. Google earns over $ 67 billion in advertising annually.

Google says we collect only three types of user information. The work we do, the things we create and the things that make us “we”. We read and send emails using Google products, browse the web, install apps from its App Store, and use the same operating system on mobile. Google knows where we spend most of the day, our pictures, videos and even the sound we pull from our cameras from time to time. Does he also know which mobile we use? How many mobiles do we have? What is a Laptop? What are the times if you use a desktop? Which songs do we listen to? Which videos are interested in and more. During this time, our web search, browsing methods, interests, and everything else are accumulating with Google and they use it for their advertising program “AdWords”. This is why if we do a double search on a topic, we start to see ads on different websites for that matter.

If you want to know what Google knows about you? Do a Google Google Takeout on Google. Here you will find a page where all your data is safe, which you can download. Look at this data, it’s your actions.

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