Is Apple Thinking about Giving Up a Major Feature in 2022?

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Is Apple Thinking about Giving Up a Major Feature in 2022? What you say??

That’s what the world’s best Apple analyst, Ming-Chin Kuo, seems to think.

He strongly believes that Apple has plans to “abandon” the major feature, the Touch Id fingerprint sensors. And from now onwards, no model of iPhone will have that spec.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last when Apple ditches a major feature.

So instead of the fingerprint touch sensor, we will have only facial recognition.

Apple Finger print

Just as we have in iPhone X now, we shall have in all the models to come.

Why must Apple do this? You must be wondering.

And the answer that Apple will give you is “competitive advantage via differentiation,” or so says Kuo.

In whose opinion it will take a very long time for the Android makers to catch up with Apple.

And that, seemingly, is enough for Apple to completely ditch a very reliable feature in favor of one that is not even available for the masses to test yet.

It looks like Apple is willing to take the risk, but it is indeed a huge gamble.

Here are a few reasons why Apple should not be so confident just yet:

Firstly, the Physical Limitations

There are a lot of limitations to using facial recognition.

It may work as well as the Touch ID, but it doesn’t work as it does.

There are a billion scenarios where there is a physical limitation to using a Face ID.

A lot of times you can’t use Face ID where you can use a fingerprint ID because it is not that subtle or convenient.

Sometimes you just can’t align your face in the right position to unlock your phone or use Apple pay to pay at a restaurant.

Privacy Issues

While Apple promises that they will not access your data, but you develop a 3D model of your face.

The Face ID works by judging a set of identification into 3D models.

That’s how fingerprint worked too, and there were a lot of concerns raised about this.

So if you were uncomfortable with that, how do you feel if your face identifications stored in an exact shape as a digital record.

There is Strength in Union

That’s a universal rule that applied to the biometric system too.

They work best in unison.

For example, if you have a fingerprint ID with a face ID, it will be more secure than it will be alone.

So instead of making them one together or introducing a way to use them together, Apple ditched one altogether.

In fact, even Apple says that it is better for the identical twins not to use the Face ID.

Meanwhile, what would be better for you if a thief were to steal your precious phone? Your finger or your face?

So to conclude…

Apple is certainly “thinking differently”, but is it going to make the cut?

While we trust Apple with the best quality, but there is no verdict as to how Face ID is better or convenient than fingerprint ID.

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