Is Inazuma coming in model 1.7?

Vacationers in Genshin Impression have explored the nations of Mondstadt and Liyue, and Inazuma is subsequent on the record.

Genshin Impression gamers have been ready for Inazuma for months now, and it appears the wait is nearly over. Gamers will quickly discover the Electro nation and certain fulfill the Traveler’s objective of confronting the Electro Archon.

Though the roadmap for main-storyline content material in Inazuma continues to be blurry, leaks have indicated when the nation will seem and the way characters will discover it.

Disclaimer: This text will reveal data from the latest “Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves” quest. Leaked data might include potential spoilers as properly, although they need to be taken with some skepticism.

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Inazuma lore revealed within the Genshin Impression storyline

Kazuha describes Inazuma and the Electro Archon (image via LyurGG)
Kazuha describes Inazuma and the Electro Archon (picture through LyurGG)

Vacationers have realized just a few issues about Inazuma simply by finishing some vital story quests. For Genshin Impression’s protagonist, the present situation with Inazuma is that it’s a closed nation.

The Traveler must go to Inazuma, however the strict insurance policies there forestall folks from getting into or leaving.

Moreover, the Electro Archon, Baal, instantly guidelines over Inazuma underneath the Raiden Shogun title, which is much completely different from Venti’s and Zhongli’s hands-off method.

The archon has additionally imposed a Imaginative and prescient Hunt Decree, persecuting these like Kazuha who maintain an elemental Imaginative and prescient. Her objective is to supply all Visions in Inazuma to a statue of the Thousand-Armed, Hundred-Eyed God.

Zhongli describes Baal
Zhongli describes Baal’s objective (picture through OinK Gaming)

The precise purpose why the Electro Archon turned a tyrant, or a minimum of looks as if one, is at the moment unknown. It’s recognized that she wasn’t one of many unique seven winners of the Archon Conflict. Nonetheless, gamers must watch for a extra complete backstory to know her.

Based mostly on the “Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves” quest, it appears sure that Beidou and Kazuha will assist the Traveler attain Inazuma. The journey, as Kazuha mentions, will probably be treacherous. Winds and rain, emblematic of Baal’s want to maintain the nation closed, will add peril to the journey to Inazuma.

Beidou offering to help the Traveler reach Inazuma (image via LyurGG)
Beidou providing to assist the Traveler attain Inazuma (picture through LyurGG)

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When will Inazuma be launched in Genshin Impression?

Following hypothesis, Genshin Impression will launch Inazuma on July 20-21 with the 1.7 replace. After all, the Genshin Impression staff might resolve to launch Inazuma someday later within the six-week period of model 1.7.

Recreation builders haven’t confirmed for sure that Inazuma will arrive within the subsequent model, although the primary storyline has hinted it is going to be launched very quickly. Furthermore, Genshin Impression leakers have hinted at loads of Inazuma-related content material anticipated for the following patch.

Genshin Impression leaks reveal exploration options in Inazuma

Expected Inazuma area: Seirai Island (image via miHoYo)
Anticipated Inazuma space: Seirai Island (picture through miHoYo)

Based on leaks, some areas of Inazuma can have excessive concentrations of Electro vitality, dealing harm over time to characters. This may make it very tough and even unattainable to discover all of Inazuma as quickly because the Traveler reaches the coast.

To facilitate exploration, Inazuma will doubtless have the Sacred Sakura Tree, which boosts Electrograna as gamers degree up the tree. These Electrograna shield characters from environmental harm, permitting gamers to discover extra of Inazuma.

Leaks recommend that Genshin Impression gamers will improve the Sacred Sakura Tree as much as degree 50, needing 25 Electro Sigils for every degree. Though it could appear time-consuming to degree the tree, it is going to present nice rewards as gamers regularly improve it. Rewards embody free needs, Crowns of Perception, Shrine of Depths keys, weapon billets and extra.

The Sacred Sakura Tree is clearly vital in Inazuma, and gamers ought to definitely prioritize leveling it as much as get full entry to the nation. Nonetheless, to convey the tree to its max degree, they might want to gather 1,250 Electro Sigils in whole.

Due to the Sacred Sakura Tree, it could take months to totally discover Inazuma. Genshin Impression gamers have wished long-lasting content material for some time now, and evidently they may get simply that with the challenges in Inazuma.

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