Day by day, the internet is becoming the trend for each youth, child and also for an elder. the internet has made the lives so easier, in past, people had to find the data from different libraries and books and they merged all data together it was really hard work to do but now, on just one click you can view tfree internethe world, can find 1000 different written articles on the same title, we all must thank the internet.

In Pakistan, there are numbers of sims offering the internet packages and each one is better than the other. the internet packages are really awesome and now different sim also offered free internet services through out the Pakistan it is really amazing for the internet lovers.

JAZZ, it is one of the sims of PAKISTAN, it offers different SMS, calls and all in one offers including internet service as well. if you are the jazz user and willing to use free inetrnet but you are unaware that how to use it. then, I am here to describe the process to utilize free internet on jazz.


Firstly, Go to the setting of your smart phone, go to connect then, choose More networks, select mobile network and then Access point name. here, set your APNs as:

APN: jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com

Proxy: germen-proxy.de

Port: 80

save this… and enjoy free internet service.

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