Jazz SMS Packages 2018 Daily Weekly and Monthly 

Jazz is a leading network in 2018 provides its customers with a number of Jazz SMS packages which allows them to choose the package according to their needs and wants which Jazz has always taken care of makes it stand among the best local networks in Pakistan.

After calls, SMS are the ones most needed for a mode of communication. Jazz’s SMS packages are worth looking at.
Jazz Sms Packages 2018 Daily - Weekly - Yearly

They include:

  1. Jazz Monthly Bundle
  2. Jazz Weekly Bundle
  3. Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle
  4. Jazz Daily Bundle
  5. Jazz SMS Plus Bundle

To subscribe to any of these bundles you can dial *443# from your phone and type the number provided to you in the checklist to subscribe to your favorite offer. But there are also subscription codes which directly lead to your favorite package’s subscription provided below in every section.

Jazz Monthly Bundle:

If you want to have worry-free SMS bundle available to you all the time then this package is the best for you. For Rs.47.79 (incl. tax) you can enjoy unlimited WhatsApp and 10,000 SMS for 30 days.

  • To Subscribe: Dial *101*1*02#
  • To Un-Subscribe: Dial *101*4*02#
  • Status String: *101*2*02#
  • Info. String: *101*3*02#
  • Validity: one month/ 30 days

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Jazz Weekly SMS Bundle:

For a weekly SMS package for only Rs.13.13 (incl. tax) jazz provides you with 1000 SMS.

  • To Subscribe: *101*1*07#
  • To Un-Subscribe: *101*4*07#
  • Status String: *101*2*07#
  • Info. String: *101*3*07#
  • Validity: 7 Days

Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle:

This two in one bundle provides the customers with 1500 free SMS and 10 MBs WhatsApp for only Rs.5.98 (incl. tax) for 1 day.

  • To subscribe: Dial *334#
  • To Unsubscribe: Dial *334*4#
  • Info String: *334*3#
  • Status String: *334*2#
  • Validity: one day

Jazz Daily SMS Bundle:

If you only require SMS package for a short while then this bundle is the best for you. This package provides you with 1200 SMS for one day for Rs.4.77 (incl. tax).

  • To subscribe to this package: Dial *101*1*01#
  • To Un-Subscribe: Dial *101*4*01#
  • Status String: *101*2*01#
  • Info. String: *101*3*01#
  • Validity: One day

Jazz SMS Plus:

If you have a low balance and require an SMS to connect with your loved ones then this package is the best for you. It provides you with 150 SMS for one day only in Rs.2.38 (incl. tax).

  • To activate this Bundle: Dial *106*1#
  • To deactivate this package: Dial *106*4#
  • Status String: *106*2#
  • Info. String: *106*3#
  • Validity: One day

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