Just Dance 2022: Release Date and Features

PLATFORM: Xbox One, Wii, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and PlayStation 4.

CONTENT DESCRIPTIONS: Mild Suggestive Themes, and Mild Lyrics.

OTHER: In-Game Purchases (Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4) and Users interaction.

Just Dance 2022 is the 11th game in the series of Just Dance.

Just Dance 2022 11th Game

This game is revealed on 10th June 2022. And, it is going to be released on 5th November 2022 on PS4, Xbox One, Wii and Switch all around the world. It is the first game to be released for Google Stadia, and you can install it on 19th November 2022.

Features and Gameplay

The game, Just Dance 2022 have an excellent time to bring people together with the new and fresh content!

  • With the help of its All-Stars Mode, you will find yourself in the universe of Just Dance and enjoy ten years of creativity and fun with an assortment of iconic stickers that reflect from the last ten years of the game, Just Dance.

Just Dance 2022 All-Stars Mode

  • In the Coop Mode, you can make teams with friends for more pleasure. For Just Dance 2022, you should return to the franchise.  This mode provides the players together to combine the rules and scores of the dancefloor!
  • There is also a Kids Mode present in the game! Children can play that mode for fun. This devoted mode permits the adolescent players to love it entirely with the new eight songs, which comes up with fun dancing skills intended for the needs of the children.

Just Dance 2022 Kids Mode

  • With Just Dance Unlimited, there is an on-demand subscription of the streaming service; you need to access to around 500 songs and more! Each copy of this game comes up with almost access for one month.

It’s Time to be the Star of Your Show!

The game, Just Dance 2022 is more customized than ever with an improved system of recommendation!


The game includes the dancing practices and involves the content that you like, at that time, which is best for you! You should follow the drives and choose the playlist that is according to your mood or allow the game to make recommendations made only for you. For every second, there is a playlist of Just Dance.

Just Dance 2022

With its friendly interface, you can customize the experience of your game, which is not so easy. Choose your best song among a catalog of songs present in the game and make your playlist to enjoy the Just Dance celebrations!


Enjoy Never-Ending Party with Just Dance 2022!

Something is always present in Just Dance 2022! See a fantastic home page for the in-game seasonal events and recent news and more suggestions on playlists or songs for dancing and videos for watching. Don’t forget to visit World Dance Floor for an online party with the community of Just Dance and enjoy the new boss-families, tournaments, Happy Hours, and the themes events to conquest all the year!

Just Dance 2022 Tracklist

With Just Dance Unlimited, make the party going! More content and songs will be added around the year to improve your experience with the Players of Just Dance 2022.

No Extra Things are Necessary for Enjoying the Fun! Use Your Cellphone with Just Dance Controller App!

Just Dance 2022 Players

Use your mobile phone for scoring, tracking, and navigating your moves, no PS Move, Kinect, or camera necessary! 6 players can play Just Dance 2022 with their smartphones at the same time.

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