Launch of Free Bus Services in Multan for Bakra Mandis

Launch of Free Bus Services in Multan for Bakra Mandis

As we know that Eid ul Adha has all arrived and almost all the people are making their ways towards the markets of animals. Keeping this fact in mind, Government of Multan has brought about the initiative where they are hitting upon the plans to help the citizens of Multan. They have thought about starting with the free bus services just over on top of the routes to the animal markets.

Bakra Mandi

The Commissioner of Multan, Bilal Ahmed Butt has came up with the announcement as where they will be providing this special service on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.The Regional Police officer, Sultan Azam Taimuri has often came up with the statement that resources have been all set up and the terms and law order implementation will be carried out through the Government help.
Special rules and laws have been carried out related to this project service timeline. Ban has been put on the rides. If the travelers want to operate the ride, then they have to, first of all, take the certificates of fitness from the responsible authorities.
Now let’s see that how much of the population of Multan will be availing this service to make their easy way to Multan! Are you going to try this out?

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