Lets Do something New On this Independence Day!

Let’s Do something New On this Independence DAY

14 August, it is the independence day of Pakistan… In the year, when this day comes, Pakistanis used to show their unconditional love towards their nation; their emotions and each activity indicate that they are true patriotic towards Pakistan.

lets do something new on this independence day!

An independent day is among the most honorable and remarkable days for all Pakistanis. After facing many hurdles, by giving numerous sacrifices and because of unending zest our fore fathers, they finally achieved their goal, yes! They achieved PAKISTAN! Pakistan has itself a very glorious history, as it came in existence at 27th of Ramadan, it is the most blessed month of entire Islamic calendar and its 27th night is full of grace. Pakistan is the Ramadan’s gift of ALLAH PAK to the Muslims and due to this reason we respect and love it more and scarifies for it.

14 August is a public day of commitment and pride for the general population all through Pakistan and celebrated with extraordinary affections and dedication for the country. The honorable festivities of this day are flag lifting, singing devoted melodies, tributes to the national saints and social activities. The significance of this day lies in paying tribute to the lost legends and in raising the desires for a splendid future. Educational institutions also conduct debates and other programs with respect to the Pakistan’s Independence Day.

The general publics also conduct some cheerful programs within the area many feasts are arranged; peoples colored their faces with green and white shades and promote the country’s welfare. The entire PAKISTAN is decorated like a bride wore a green stunning dress.

But do you think that it is enough for the Pakistan? Does our nation want only this? And do these activities manage the image of Pakistan among other countries? Take a second, and think are you true patriotic? Do you fulfill that each requirement according to the country’s need?

The real welfare of the country is in the happiness of each citizen. But there are many those people who are anxious by the increasing costs of goods day by day, who are nervous that they are unable to make educated their children, you know what; our passion is only towards the name of Pakistan but not towards Pakistanis. We are happy that we belong to an Islamic nation but forgot the teaching of Islam. Usually people illuminate their houses and Mazar e Quaid but in reality, their hearts are filled with the darkness. THIS IS NOT THE NATION’S NEED!!! Think, because it is necessary.

Let’s do something new on this Independence Day, now let us brighten our heart with love for the others, let us forgive others, let us look after our elders, let’s follow the Islam, let’s obey our parents, and let us now work for the

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