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Listen to what you write in Excel 2022


Today i am going to tell you with a very interesting article for you.
Some members may already be aware of this. But for those who don’t know about it, this would be very interesting.

As the title of this Article is, whatever you type in Excel and enter, Excel will read to you what you have typed.

What’s interesting?

So first you have to open Excel. Excel is anyone. Well, I’m giving you a screenshot of MS Excel 2007.
Arrow according to this screenshot when Excel is open, click on the arrow next to this screenshot.


After clicking, you will see a window like this. Here you have to click on the peacock commands according to this screenshot.

Then you have to click on the sidebar according to this screenshot.

Then you have to select all commands according to this screenshot.

Now scroll down to the window that opens and select Specify Sales Wool Enter according to this screenshot.
And then press the Add button.

Now this command has been added to your access tool. Now click on OK according to this screenshot.

A command will now appear on your page. This can be done with the same button on and off.

Now whatever you type and press the Enter key, Excel will read it to you.
Each time you type and hit enter, you will hear your typing.
And if you want to turn it off then press the button above but Excel will tell you that the option is off.
So now all the members should try it out and get it done.

Anyone can ask if they have anything else to ask.

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