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Method To Check Remaining MBs in Telenor 4G Device


Method To Check Remaining MBs in Telenor 4G Device

Telenor is one of those well-known companies of the cellular category who have launched the 4G device for the customers use. They have been licensed as in order to provide with the Telenor 4G Wingle and Mobile Wifi in its 3G/4G coverage area within Pakistan.

Telenor 4G
Main Features of Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle:

  • 4G Hotspot Wingle can work at the best without the use of battery as you will be making it connect all through your USB power source.
  • 4G Hotspot Wingle has the capability as where it can create the hotspot for 10 connections.
  • 4G Hotspot Wingle works on top of all types of the 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.

How to Check the Validity-Time and Remaining Data in Telenor 4G Device?

If you want to check the remaining MBS of the Telenor 4G device, then you just need to open the Hotspot Wingle Home page and click on “Internet volume check”. You will be able to check out with the inquiries on top of the screen and also through the means of the SMS. You also have the option as of where you can automatically receive SMS notification related with the Data usage as it will start consuming with the 50%, 75%, and 90%. Plus, you can even check with remaining data and validity time by just dialing *999# from your Data SIM.

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