Minecraft Unobtainable blocks Every thing gamers should know

An unobtainable block in Minecraft is any block that can’t be obtained with out instructions.

Some blocks, like Bedrock or Finish Portal Frames, can’t be obtained in Survival. Nonetheless, they are often spawned by the Artistic menu. These blocks are usually not thought of unobtainable blocks since they are often discovered within the Artistic menu.

Via instructions, gamers have entry to a mess of blocks that may be helpful for customized maps or servers.

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Unobtainable blocks in Minecraft


The unobtainable End Portal being used as decoration (Image via u/RickyThunderfox on Reddit)
The unobtainable Finish Portal getting used as ornament (Picture through u/RickyThunderfox on Reddit)

Unobtainable blocks can be utilized to create attention-grabbing decorations and designs. As seen within the picture above, the participant used the unobtainable Finish Portal block to create a spacey hall impact.

In Java Version, gamers can use the /setblock command to spawn an Finish Portal. Nonetheless, they can’t have the merchandise of their stock.

Listed beneath are among the most notable unobtainable blocks and their numeric IDs:

  • Finish Portal: 199
  • Hearth: 51
  • Lava: (flowing) 10 (nonetheless) 11
  • Water: 8
  • Frosted Ice: 207
  • Monster Block: 97
  • Command Block: 256

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The Frost Walker enchantment creating Frosted Ice (Image via u/Machiru on Reddit)
The Frost Walker enchantment creating Frosted Ice (Picture through u/Machiru on Reddit)

As acknowledged above, the Finish Portal can’t be obtained within the Java Version besides through the use of the /setblock command. Nonetheless, Minecraft Bedrock gamers can get hold of this block of their stock utilizing stock editors or mods.

As seen within the picture above, Frosted Ice is a particular sort of ice that spawns when strolling over water with the Frost Walker enchantment. Just like the Finish Portal, Frosted Ice can solely be “obtained” within the Java Version by the usage of /setblock. Bedrock Version gamers can get hold of it by stock enhancing and mods.

Most of Minecraft’s different unobtainable blocks are precisely the identical in the truth that they can’t be obtained by any means in Java Version and may solely be spawned in by instructions.

The Command Block could be spawned with the next command:

/give @s command_block

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