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Increase Mobilink internet speed | A Complete Mobile Internet Guide

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How to increase Mobilink Internet Speed

A lot of people complain nowadays about Mobilink Internet Speed issues because internet speed in Pakistan is not up to mark. Today I will tell you about why Mobilink internet speed is low and How you can increase it.


Everyone should now that internet speed is actually checked by its Ping Rate if Ping Rate is high than the internet will be slow and it takes a lot of time to open a website.

so if Ping is low the faster is a speed of your internet. You canPing of your internet on this website

Check Ping

Mobilink covering a lot of cities in Pakistan, but in some cities, the signal strength is not soo good, so before getting any network sim be sure about its signal strength and also you can call on help center and ask about its signal strength in your area before buying a sim or activating any Internet Package.

3 Methods to Browse Fast

  1. Always open mobile versions of a website.
  2. Use Opera or Chrome Browser and make sure check its setting and click on lower quality images.
  3. Close other apps which are using the internet in background mode.

Unlimited Mobilink Internet on Mobile 2022

If you want to enjoy unlimited Mobilink internet then I will tell you all of best package for it.

Mobilink offering daily 3G bundle offers as well as weekly and monthly. Here is a list of All Mobilink Internet Packages.



Know about the method to enjoy Free Mobilink Internet

If you face any problem comment below.

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