More about the two fighters; Robbie Lawler and Rafael dos Anjos:

More about the two fighters; Robbie Lawler and Rafael dos Anjos:

The main question which always comes to everyone’s mind about athletes is how they maintain a type of fighting spirit which is needed to stay evergreen and at the top of the athletes list? This also comes in mind if we take about the two great fighters Robbie Lawler and Rafael dos Anjos who have managed that phenomenal run and the spirit to maintain their fighting spirit that leads them to qualify for the next level.

Lawler bounced back that has gone an impressive run in the UFC to take the welterweight belt. And there was a similar noticeable gear up we witnessed with Rafael dos Anjos when he took the lightweight title off Anthony Pettis. But since then both have fallen back to mortal status. For all their ability to be gods in the cage, how realistic is it to expect them to put on godlike performances in the fight after fight?

There are few fighters’ who go beyond and exceed their limits themselves but a few times. Guys like Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre may be able to hold onto their top spots through raw talent and hard work, but others will experience windows where they’re simply in the zone and everything clicks. Maybe it’s laser like focus in the gym or maybe there’s no conscious difference in mental game, but the results in the cage speak for themselves.

The Rafael dos Anjos looked like that he had recaptured that lightening in a bottle but if look at Robbie Lawler , he looked flat.

Now again a question came to mind is can dos Anjos maintain this level over the next year or two of fighting every 4-5 months? How hard is it for him to stay in that zone that allows him to dominate at the very top of the UFC?


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