Muhammad Waseem Pakistani Boxer Interview 2015

Muhammad Waseem (born 29 August 1987) known for his quick swift style of boxing, is one of best boxer in Pakistan-born in Quetta, Baluchistan, who is captain of the Pakistan Boxing.


Medal Record:

No Tournament Medal Record Category Year
1 King’s Cup Bangkok Bronze Flyweight 2009
2 Ahmet Comert Boxing Tournament Bronze Flyweight 2010
3 South Asian Games Silver Flyweight 2010
4 World Combat Games Gold Flyweight 2010
5 Commonwealth Games Bronze Flyweight 2010
6 President Cup Jakarta Bronze Flyweight 2011
7 Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Boxing Tournament Gold Flyweight 2011
8 Asian Games Bronze Flyweight 2014
9 Commonwealth Games Silver Flyweight 2014

Here is a Short Interview with Muhammad Waseem


Waseem: I am the great fan of Mike Tyson, He is my childhood Favorite star, I started my Boxing after being inspired by him at the age of 11.



Waseem: At the beginning, my family was against my boxing because there is no future of boxing in Pakistan. But then as time pass, they all supported me.





Waseem:  Well my future plan is to participate in Olympics and after that Insha Allah I will turn to be a Pro.


Waseem:  There is an issue of NOC or else I would have started Pro Boxing earlier.



Waseem:  Amir Khan is a good friend of a brother and a great human being.


Waseem:  If I hadn’t chosen boxing, I would have chosen to be a Footballer.

Waseem: One of the Important days of my life is when I beat Madan Lal by 19–13 in Semifinal at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Boxing Tournament.


Waseem: My favourite footballer is Ronaldo Luís Nazário.

Waseem: Messi is naturally talented and C.Ronaldo is a hardworking athlete so both are best there is no comparison between them.

Waseem:  My hobbies are Swimming and hang out with friends.

waseem friends


Waseem: Muhammad Ali is greatest of All time but my favourite is Mike Tyson.

Waseem: Well if anyone wants to be a boxer he has to work hard because boxing is not an easy job, you have to work hard to be the best.



Waseem:  I am really thankful to Allah Almighty and due to my family prayers I am here right now.




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