Opening of Modern Blood Donation Center In Islamabad By Next Year

It has been a long time that Pakistan has been left behind in the field of the healthcare for the last so many years. But still, there is much improvement and advancement needed in this department. In order to bring some enhancing features, the healthcare department has offered the service to the residents of Islamabad in order to provide with the modern regional blood transfusion center that will schedule to open in the city by next year.
The project is being co funded by the supervision of the government of Pakistan and Germany. It is being built on the Islamabad capital territory. Hence the final funding for the project was provided by Germany last year that was granted with the amount of about Rs. 50 million.
In terms of the main features of this center, it will be mobilizing and hence retaining the voluntary blood donors. It would often be stepping up in conducting the blood donations and even in the processing and screening of the blood preparation. Basically, this center will serve as the storage of blood. This center will even be bringing up with the service to help out the associative technical work. In simple it would be helping out in terms of the promotion of voluntary blood donations.


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