Cheap Internet PTCL EVO Packages 2022 All details at One Place

PTCL EVO Packages 2022

ptcl charjee evo package 2022

PTCL internet services are among the most reliable internet services. The packages include:

Evo Wingle 9.3 Mbps Packages 2022 Detail:

Only in Rs.2000,  Evo Wingle USB provides uninterrupted and unlimited internet. It is the most used internet devices right now. It can be bought online or at your nearest PTCL Smart Shop.

PTCL EVO Wingle 9.3 Packages 2022

Ptcl Evo Wingle 9.3 Features

  • Supports 1900 MHz frequency band.
  • Supports CDMA2000 1X EVDO Rev. A / B Standard
  • EVDO Rev. B data service of up to 9.3 Mbps on downlink / 5.4 Mbps on uplink*.
  • WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.
  • Supports MicroSD Card up to 32 GB.
  • Hi-Link technology for auto-installation and easy use.
  • Plug n’ share! No need to open any software, just plug in the USB to instantly start surfing or creating your own Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • EVO USB Wi-Fi modem
  • Speeds up of to 9.3 Mbps in 200+ cities
  • Connects up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously

PTCL Evo 9.3 Advantages

  • No need for any software downloads
  • Portable
  • Auto installation system Requirements
  • *Depending on network capability and environment.
  • Windows XP SP2/SP3, Windows Vista SP1/SP2, Windows 7
  • MAC OS X 10.5 and 10.7 with latest upgrades.
  • Standard USB Interface. Packages are applicable to both postpaid and prepaid and the prices mentioned are inclusive of all taxes.

PTCL EVO 9.3 Packages:

  • 5 GB Starter Package:

For only Rs.750 it provides 5 GB internet for one month.

  • 10 GB Package:

For only Rs.1000 it provides uninterrupted internet for 30 days.

  • 15 GB Package:

Costs Rs.1250 and internet for 30 days.

  • 25 GB Package:

Costs Rs.1500 for 30 days.

Billing Mode for Prepaid Customers:

  • Advance billing at PTCL OSS
  •  Easy Paisa retailers
  •  Ufone Franchises & Service Centres
  •  Any of your nearest MCB branch

For subscribing to additional volume bucket

  •  Recharge Not Possible through EVO-Vfone scratch cards
  •  Over 16,000 Easy Paisa Retailers across the country.
  •  Available at all U-load retailers across the country
  •  Prepaid Recharge service available at PTCL One Stop Shops in major cities.
  •  Now pay your EVO bills online, conveniently and securely through
  •  UBL OMNI & UBL Net Banking
  • Register on the E-Payment Portal
  • Check your mail & Validate email address through the PIN.
  •  Sign in and pay your EVO bill via Credit or Debit Card.

PTCL CharJi EVO Packages 2022 Details

CharJi covers specific areas of Pakistan which include: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Balochistan, Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

PTCL chaarji Evo 2022

PTCL CHarJi Features:

Multiple device connectivities  Average speeds of 5-15 Mbps on downlink & 2-5 Mbps on the uplink

  • Seamless Coverage in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Balochistan, Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Fast downloads and uploads
  • Single-Mode, battery-powered  CharJi LTE Hotspot device.
  •  Experience Ultra-fast LTE speeds in CharJi enabled cities.
  •  Supports up to 10 connections simultaneously over Wi-Fi.
  •  2,380 mAh battery for up to 5 hours.
  •  Supports MicroSD card up to 64GB.
  •  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

PTCL CharJi Advantages

  •  Up to 4 times faster than 3G Devices
  •  Low latency for improved service quality & a great gaming experience.
  •  Social networking, uploading, downloading becomes easier.
  •  Experience super-fast HD video streaming; zero buffering time.
  • Games, movies, music: easier to download, upload and without any lags.


Device Price
CharJi EVO Cloud: Rs. 2,500
CharJi EVO Packages
Volume Validity Monthly Line-Rent Billing Mode
1 10 GB* 30 Days Rs. 1,000 Prepay/Postpay
2 20 GB* 30 Days Rs. 1,250 Prepay/Postpay
3 25 GB* 30 Days Rs. 1,500 Prepay/Postpay
4 50 GB* 30 Days Rs. 2,000 Prepay/Postpay
5 75 GB* 30 Days Rs. 2,500 Prepay/Postpay

*Additional volume bucket at Rs. 500 for 5 GB.

For Additional Volume buckets dial: 1218 or register and sign in to

Monthly Line-rents are inclusive of all taxes.

Resubscription & Additional Volume Bundles

Subscribers who use their provided volume within 30 days may follow the following:

Note: Volume is provided every 30 days but if some of it is left then it will be lost when the volume is provided again both in the cases of prepaid and postpaid customers.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer is valid for both prepay and postpay bundles.
  •  5 GB Bucket for Rs. 500 available upon volume exhaustion on both prepay & postpay.
  •  Maximum of 2 Postpay bucket charges billed in monthly invoice per month.
  • An unlimited number of bucket recharges on prepay.

How to Buy EVO Device:

PTCL EVO 3.1 Mbps Packages 2022

 “EVO Wireless Broadband—Something for Everyone!”

EVO packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers are designed to cater the needs of all kinds of customers due to which it is considered to be the most reliable internet sources all over Pakistan!

PTCL evo 3.1

PTCL EVO Prepaid

These Packages are not available for new sales. You may check out on PTCL website


Packages Monthly Charges Monthly Charges Inclusive of 14% WHT Volume
EVO DayPass 3GB Rs.300/2days Rs. 342 3GB*
EVO GO 5GB Rs.1,000 Rs. 1,140 5 GB
EVO LITE 20GB Rs.1,200 Rs. 1,368 20 GB
EVO Max Rs.2,100 Rs. 2,394 Unlimited**
EVO 256Kbps Rs.1,300 Rs. 1,482 Unlimited**

Additional Usage at Rs. 0.15/MB on prepay & Rs. 150/GB on postpay.

*Fair Usage Policy of 3GB applies within 2 days usage.
  of 30GB applies.  

PTCL EVO Postpaid

These Packages are not available for new sales. You may check out PTCL website to find out about them.

Product EVO Package Monthly Charges Monthly Charges Inclusive of 14% WHT Download Limit
EVO 3.1Mbps USB EVO 3.1Mbps Basic Rs. 2,100 Rs. 2,394 30GB
EVO 3.1Mbps 20GB Rs.1,199 Rs. 1,368 20GB
EVO 256Kbps Rs.1,199 Rs. 1,368 Unlimited
EVO Wi-Fi Cloud Basic Rs. 2,100 Rs. 2,394 30GB
3G EVO Wi-Fi Cloud EVO Wi-Fi Cloud 20GB Rs.1,199 Rs. 1,368 20GB
3G EVO Nitro Cloud Nitro Cloud Basic Rs.3,000 Rs. 3,420 30GB
Nitro Cloud 20GB Rs.1,499 Rs. 1,710 20GB
3G EVO Wingle EVO Wingle Basic Rs.2,500 Rs. 2,850 30GB
EVO Wingle 20GB Rs.1,499 Rs. 1,710 20GB

Additional Usage will be charged at Rs. 0.15/MB on prepay & Rs. 150/GB on postpay.
Additional Volume Buckets for postpay may be subscribed by visiting:

1) Package validity shall depend on the volume consumed or usage in terms of days, whichever comes first.

2) Existing DayPass 1GB and Lite 10GB customers shall continue to be on the same volumes unless they opt-in for the new packages.

3) Additional usage at Rs.150/GB

Inclusive of Taxes. For further details, visit:

Subscribers who consume the provided volume within 30 days and want to refresh their package may do so by following the steps below:

PTCL Fair Usage Policy

Now pay your EVO bills online, conveniently and securely through

  • Register on the E-Payment portal.
  • Check your mail & Validate email address through the PIN.
  • Sign in and pay your EVO bill via Credit or Debit Card.

CharJi Upgrade Offer for Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Upgrade your old EVO device to CharJi LTE and get free Internet for one whole month!

PTCL chaarji Packages

Offer is valid for EVO 3.1 & 9.3 subscribers in Azad Jammu and Kashmir only.

PTCL EVO 3.1 & 9.3 subscribers in Azad Jammu and Kashmir can now upgrade to CharJi LTE and receive first month’s Internet free of cost. Interested subscribers may visit their nearest PTCL Smart Shop to deposit back their old device and pay only the new CharJi device price. These subscribers will receive first month’s Internet free (20 GB with 30-days validity).

From second month onwards, subscribers may select from a range of exciting and affordable tax-inclusive CharJi Packages that cater to both low and heavy data users.

The upgrade enables subscribers to experience superior browsing, streaming, downloading and low latencies on PTCL’s next generation Wireless Broadband Service, CharJi LTE.

Device Price
CharJi LTE Wingle Rs. 1,500
CharJi LTE Cloud Rs. 2,500

Key Highlights

  • Receive the first month’s Internet absolutely free upon upgrading to CharJi LTE
  • Select from USB Powered CharJi Wingle or Battery Powered CharJi Mi-Fi Cloud devices
  • Connects up to 10 users simultaneously over Wi-Fi
  • Choose from a range of exciting and affordable CharJi packages
  • Experience Ultra-High speed connectivity in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, and AJK.


  • PTCL Shops
  • PTCL Mobile Shops

PTCL EVO Nitro Cloud-Share

*This Product is not available for sale in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala & Sialkot.

If you are interested in PTCL Wireless Broadband services in these areas please check out our Ultra High-Speed  Charji Evo Products instead.  

PTCL Evo Nitro

Nitro Cloud-Share is the latest WiFi Hotspot Device in the Nitro Cloud series. This portable, battery-powered hotspot is able to connect to multiple  WiFi devices over its wireless interface, providing high 3G speeds to mobile phones, gaming consoles, laptops & PDA’s etc.

Nitro Cloud-Share allows you to share both your wireless broadband & the content on your MicroSD card with friends & family at the click of a button. Users may also access the contents of their MicroSD card from a remote location over the web.


  • Connects up to 5 WiFi devices at the same time.
  • 2200 mAh battery for up to 5 hours.
  • MicroSD slot supports up to 32GB
  • MicroSD Data sharing over WiFi.
  • MicroSD Card sharing over the web
  • WiFi Range: 10 Meters (30 Feet).
  • EV-DO REV-B Access through an intelligent mobile hotspot.

Device Price

  • 3G EVO Nitro Cloud Device Price: Rs. 3,500
·        EVO 3G Nitro Cloud Packages
Volume MRC Validity Billing Mode
5 GB Starter Package Rs. 750 30 Days Prepaid/Postpaid
10 GB Rs. 1,000 30 Days Prepaid/Postpaid
15 GB Rs. 1,250 30 Days Prepaid/Postpaid
25 GB Rs. 1,500 30 Days Prepaid/Postpaid

Additional Usage at Rs. 100/GB on postpay and Rs. 0.15/MB on prepay.

Monthly line-rents are inclusive of all taxes. For further details, visit:

*Additional Volume Buckets for postpay may be subscribed via

Service Availability

  • Walk-in at any PTCL Smart Shop
  • Authorized retail outlets

Terms and Conditions

  • 9.3 Mbps Rev.B speeds in 200+ Cities.
  • Rev.A coverage in 250+ Cities.

Payment Mode

  • Online payment through
  • Register on the E-payment portal.
  • Check your email & validate email address through the PIN.
  • Sign in and pay your EVO bill via Credit or Debit Card.
  • For usage information and recharge history, register and sign in to

How to Buy

Buy online or visit your nearest PTCL Smart Shop

For both Postpaid and Prepaid Subscribers for all packages:
1) Dial 1218.
2) Request a “Re-Subscription” and provide your device MDN.
3) Once the contact centre confirms successful re-subscription, please recharge the complete amount as per your package line-rent.

The volume as per your current package is instantaneously provided with 30 days validity. Please note, if you have any remaining volume in your account at the time of re-subscription, the volume will be lost.

Postpaid subscribers’ volume will be renewed on 1st of every month.



Wireline subscribers can now get a free 3G EVO Wingle or CharJi Device in convenient monthly instalments!

EVO-PSTN joint promotion caters to existing PTCL landline subscribers, offering a free 3G EVO Wingle or any CharJi EVO device on convenient monthly-instalment plans, for use on-the-go. The monthly line-rent & instalment charges will be invoiced in the customer’s landline bill.

Key benefits:

  • No Upfront costs.
  • Affordable monthly instalments
  • Attractive EVO packages.
  • Convenient consolidated billing.

Qualifying Criteria: 

PTCL landline subscriber with an active PSTN & minimum 6 months of payment history (Single, double & triple play customers are all eligible for the offer).

EVO-PSTN Packages:

Product Monthly Line Rent Volume Billing Mode
3G EVO Wingle 750 10 GB* PSTN
CharJi EVO Wingle/ Cloud 1000 20 GB** PSTN

*Additional usage at Rs. 100/GB.

**Additional data bucket at Rs. 500 for 5 GB. Monthly line-rents are inclusive of all taxes.

Inclusive of Taxes. For further details, visit:

Instalment Plans:

Product Upfront cost Monthly Installment Installment Period
3G EVO Wingle Device Free Nil Nil
CharJi EVO Wingle Nil Rs 500 5 Months
CharJi EVO Cloud Nil Rs 500 7 Months

Key Highlights

  • Super-fast, portable 3G & CharJi LTE devices at zero upfront cost.
  • Special bundle packages with generous volumes and affordable line-rents.
  • Convenient PSTN Billing.
  • Ultra-High speed CharJi Connectivity in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad.
  • Cruise with matchless speeds of up to 9.3Mbps with EVO Wingles’ Rev B coverage in 200+ cities.
  • Portable WiFi Hotspots allowing between 5-10 Simultaneous connections depending on device type.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer is valid for 3G EVO Wingle, CharJi EVO Wingle & CharJi EVO Cloud only.
  • Billing Mode will be Postpaid (PSTN Billing Only).
  • Disconnection charges will apply in the case of disconnection before the lapse of installment duration (disconnection charges will be remaining unpaid installment amount) or  Rs. 500 in the case of 3G EVO Wingle before the lapse of 3 months; however no disconnection charges will apply if the customer wishes to terminate their subscription after instalment period.
  • EVO/CharJi devices will be shifted to commercial packages if PSTN connection is terminated.
  • Promotion valid for PSTN customers who have been subscribers for at least 6 months and who don’t have outstanding dues.
  • Only one PSTN Bundle is allowed per landline connection.
  • No 7-day return period.
  • Package change to this package is not allowed.
  • Subscribers on EVO PSTN package may upgrade to other commercial packages after instalment period.
  • Service Acquisition Point: Please visit your nearest PTCL Smart Shop with your CNIC.


PTCL EVO Wireless Upgrade Offer

By upgrading your existing EVO 3.1 or 9.3 devices to high-speed devices you can receive incredible discounts with EVO Wireless Upgrade Offer.

PTCL evo

  • EVO 3.1 Mbps customers can upgrade to 3G EVO Wingle free of cost,
  • EVO 3.1 & EVO 9.3 subscribers may upgrade to CharJi EVO Devices & receive discounts of Rs.1500 on device price.The offer enables existing subscribers to receive brand new devices with Wi-Fi Hotspot features and improved throughput rates up to 3 times that of their existing device.

Subscribers will be required to visit any PTCL Smart Shop and deposit back their own device to receive the offer.


Upgrade Type Device Cost Advance Line Rent Billing Mode
EVO 3.1 to Wingle 9.3 Free As per commercial package selected N-PSTN
EVO 3.1/9.3 to CharJi Wingle Rs. 1,000 As per commercial packages selected N-PSTN
EVO 3.1/9.3 to CharJi Cloud Rs. 2,000 As per commercial packages selected N-PSTN
Select your upgrade package
Service Product Line Rent Volume
3G EVO 9.3 Rs. 750 5 GB
EVO 9.3 Rs. 1,000 10 GB
EVO 9.3 Rs. 1,250 15 GB
EVO 9.3 Rs. 1,500 25 GB
4G LTE CharJi EVO Rs. 1,000 10 GB
CharJi EVO Rs. 1,250 20 GB
CharJi EVO Rs. 1,500 25 GB
CharJi EVO Rs. 2,000 50 GB
CharJi EVO Rs. 2,500 75 GB

Additional usage at Rs. 015/MB & Rs. 100/GB on EVO 9.3 prepay & postpay respectively.

Additional 5 GB volume bucket for Rs. 500 on CharJi EVO.

Monthly line-rents are inclusive of all taxes.

For further details, visit:


  • Free 3G EVO Wingle upgrades for EVO 3.1 Subscribers.
  • Discount of Rs.1500 upon upgrading to CharJi EVO Wingle or CharJi EVO Cloud.
  • Pocket WiFi Devices allowing between 5-10 simultaneous connections depending on device model.
  • Higher 3G experience with a variety of device and connectivity options.
  • Super-Fast CharJi EVO speeds of up to 36 Mbps on Downlink in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi.
  • Backward compatible devices with a seamless transition on EVO 9.3 Mbps in low or no coverage areas.

How to Buy

The process for receiving the upgrade offer is provided below:

  • Customer shall visit any PTCL Smart Shop with their existing EVO Device & request an upgrade.
  • Customer shall be required to pay monthly line-rent for the package they chose at the time of upgrade.
  • Smart Shops shall issue the upgrade device to the customer upon receipt of payment and return of existing device.


PTCL has introduced EVO C@rFi (a connected car’s product), which allows  travelers to stay connected to the World Wide Web from within their vehicles in 250+ cities and towns across Pakistan.

PTCL evo Carfi

The new C@rFi product & packages cater to subscribers’ needs to stay connected with their smartphones, tablets, music players & laptops to the Internet from within their cars at low costs.

Plug-in the C@rFi product to the lighter socket within a vehicle to instantaneously create a 3G WiFi hotspot, allowing up to 5 users to connect simultaneously to the internet and receive speeds up to 9.3 Mbps.

C@rFi makes journeys fun for everyone & allows passengers to browse Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and use Whatsapp, Viber & Soundcloud to their hearts’ content with the free social media bundle!


Upfront Price Bundled Volume Complimentary Validity
1 Rs. 4,000 15 GB Free Social Media Bundle* 3 Months
2 Rs. 5,000 30 GB Free Social Media Bundle* 6 Months

*Unlimited use of Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Whatsapp (Text Only), Viber (Text Only) & LinkedIn.

Users can recharge Rs. 500 for 5 GB & Free Social Media with 30 Days validity, upon bundle expiry.

Inclusive of Taxes. For further details, visit:

Key Highlights

  • Stay connected to the Internet from within your vehicle.
  • Unlimited use of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Soundcloud, LinkedIn & Viber.
  • MicroSD card feature allows you to share music, videos & files with other passengers conveniently over WiFi.
  • Experience 3G EVO speeds up to 9.3 Mbps in 250+ cities & towns across Pakistan.
  • Connect up to 5 WiFi-Enabled gadgets simultaneously.
  • No hidden charges, tax inclusive packages.

How to Buy

This product is NOT available in Faisalabad & AJK Region.

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