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punjab nahi jaungi

Punjab Nahi Jaungi, it is the upcoming PAKISTANI movie. This came in the existence with the cooperation of ARY and SIX SIGMA. The director of the movie is NADEEM BAIGH while the production carried by Salman Iqbal, Humayun Saeed, Shahzad Nasib and Jergees Seja. 

The official trailer has been released and emphasizing the public to must watch the film.

In any case, over the span of the mystery, the beautiful couple, Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed’s adoration gets worse as we see a harmed Mehwish and a crying Humayun. In the trailer you might notice the Urwa Hocane role, she might be fallen in love with Humayun Saeed but Humayun Fallen in love with Mehwish Hayat, it is basically a love triangle. But no body knows what happened in the last. so, we should wait till the movie released.

Well, Punjab Nahi jaungi is going to be released on the day which is full of Allah’s blessing that is EID UL AZHA and this is supposed to happen on 1st September.

The film is full of drama, emotion, love, fun, and sorrow as well. In the trailer, you will see the uniqueness of each scene, each is captured nicely. the film also shows the great culture of Pakistan many simple people used to wear Shalwar Qameez, Farming in the large farms and much more.

I know that you all are waiting for the releasing day and even I am also excited to watch the film but we have to wait till Eid.


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