Rafael Benítez backs Newcastle players’ Decision to Cancel Christmas Party


Recently it has been announced that Newcastle United players have canceled their Christmas party and vacations to focus further on their winning the upcoming match. It is because they have been defeated in the 7 matches out of 8 and the manager, Rafael Benítez, is facing the most difficult time in his career because of that as the team only succeeded to have one point from the last 24 matches. According to him, “They want to give a very clear message that they care and they want to do things right so they have decided to cancel their Christmas party. The players have taken responsibility and decided it’s important to concentrate on football.”

Players’ cancellation of Christmas celebration was not in any way influenced by Rafael Benítez. He said, “There was no pressure from me. They realize they have to be focused on doing things right.” He also stated that “I was asking four or five players about the Christmas party and they were very clear. They said: ‘Oh no, we cannot do that’ and that was it. They talked among themselves and decided. I think it’s the right thing. This group of players is working so hard – they are giving everything – which I couldn’t say: ‘You don’t deserve to do this or that.’ But I think their decision is very positive.”

With the ownership of Newcastle in limbo – Amanda Staveley’s Dubai-based PCP Capital Partners is negotiating to take over from Mike Ashley but no deal is likely before February. Rafael Benítez will not be able to celebrate until he knows if he is to be provided money to spend on players next month.

In a meeting with the club’s managing director, Lee Charnley, on Thursday the manager was offered no definite budget but at least was given the authority to start compiling a list of targets.

“If you’re asking: ‘Is everything fine?’ and ‘Am I happy?’ I don’t know”. He also stated that “We have to progress and it’s so obvious we have to improve things. I had a conversation with Lee about the players we maybe want to bring in and others who can go out. It was just talking about ideas. We’ll see if we can progress this discussion in a few days. We have to move forward quickly. We have a difficult situation now but we know it could be worse.”

If the Newcastle team kept on losing the matches, the value of club will depreciate leaving Staveley to reconsider about her purchase, which may leave Ashley with the unsaleable asset.

“Lee knows what I think,” stated Rafael Benítez who is also urging Ashley to take a chance to accumulate. “We have to do the best for the team now. What’s best for the team is best for the club.”


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