Reality behind the death of Lorenzen Wright and the involvement of his Ex-wife:

The reality behind the death of Lorenzen Wright and the involvement of his Ex-wife:Reality behind the death of Lorenzen Wright and the involvement of his Ex-wife:

It is claimed by the authorities that the ex-wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright has been charged with the first-degree murder in his death 7 years ago.

Memphis police Director Michael Railings that the ex-wife of Lorenzen Wright is charged with his death. He was a Memphis native who had played for 5 teams in 13 seasons as a center in the NBA.

Online records show that Sherra Wright was arrested by the police in Riverside County on Friday.

His dead body was found in suburban Memphis on 28, July 2010. His body was founder after 10 days when he was reported missing. He was shot several times and it was one of the complicated cases that are still pending.

Billy R. Turner was charged in his death on December 5. But railing could not found the connection between Turner and Sherra. However, the police were sure that there is some connection between the two.

Last month police have found a gun near Walnut, Mississippi that was used in the killing.

Railings said:

‘’The weapon was key’’

After the death of Wright, his ex-wife has received $1million from her ex-husband’s property. She was investigated about the money that how she spent that, she agreed to settle the dispute of where she spent that money.

Sherra said to the police that before his death she heard him on the phone that he is going to ‘’flip something for $110,000’’

After that, he left her home with a person she never saw him before.

The dispatcher said that on 19 July they received a call from Wright’s phone and they heard the noises of a gunshot but they didn’t investigate because it wasn’t confirmed.

His body was found in a field near some wood, where they didn’t find any evidence because of the deterioration in the heat. A post-mortem report showed that the bullet fragment was lodge in his skull, chest and right forearm.

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