RealMadrid Hopes to win Laliga Fades Away

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RealMadrid Hopes to win Laliga Fades Away

After a 6th Straight Defeat against Rivals Atletico Madrid at Home on 27 February, Real Madrid is now 9 points behind after playing 26 matches, Barcelona has just played 25 matches, they will take on Sevilla Today.

Atletico Madrid 5 Points behind Barcelona

Real Madrid has lost a 3rd consecutive match at home from RealMadrid.

Real Madrid have are facing problems against Atletico Madrid After Sacking of Carlo Ancelotti and Rafa Benitz still Madrid Couldn’t find a way to defeat Atletico Madrid as they lost the match by 1-0 at Home with the Stunner goal of Griezmann.

RealMadrid Laliga Hopes Fade Away

Ronaldo Furious Angry after the Match

Ronaldo Interview

Cristiano: “It wasn’t a case of having poor preparation. But it is true that our injuries are hurting us.”
Cristiano: “I don’t want to criticise the players who are playing right now, but maybe players like Bale, Benzema or Marcelo needed.”
Cristiano: “When we don’t have players like Benzema, Pepe or Bale things can get more complicated.”
Cristiano: “I like to play with Karim, with Bale, with Marcelo. But I’m not saying the others are not good players.”
Cristiano: “I don’t want to say that Jese, Lucas, Kovacic are not good, they are very good but for example, Danilo has been the best today.”
Cristiano: “I don’t know the reason for all our injuries… Maybe it was the pre-season we had or the start of the season… I don’t know.”
Cristiano: “If everyone had my physical level. We would be first right now.”
Cristiano: “Every year according to the press it seems I’m getting worse. But the stats & numbers don’t lie.”


After Media Created story Ronaldo has cleared his statement

Cristiano: “I was referring to the physical level. I am no better not the game. I am not better than any of my colleagues.”


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