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Secret Remedies for Clear and Acne Free Skin 2022

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Secret Remedies for Clear and Acne Free Skin 2022

While environment being among the key factors, there are many other contributory factors leading to skin related problems, for example, Acne. So, as you know that it has long been said that prevention is better than cure, one should take care of their skin to look beautiful and feel confident about oneself.

Following are some home remedies which may help you in different ways to achieve your ideal skin.

  1. Drinking a lot of water:

Water is the most important source for flushing out toxins from your body. And when the toxins affecting your internal organs will be removed, it will automatically make your skin look fresh and younger. You will also feel very energetic and confident about yourself. Drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water is considered to be the ideal amount by most of the doctors.

  1. Rubbing the potato on affected area:

If you have an event coming up and a pimple has popped out or you have any pimple mark or any other dark spot left on your face then you should use this potato technique.

Method: Cut the potato into a half, rub one half on the affected area, in case of a pimple keep the sliced potato on that spot and repeat it twice a day for a few days until the spot or a pimple goes away. This method also works for dark circles as potato has spot removing qualities.

  1. Using Tomato and Turmeric for Clearing the Blackheads:

Blackheads are the worst nightmare for any girl, they make the skin look untidy and dirty.

Method: take one tomato and cut into two halves. Take one half and sprinkle a pinch of turmeric over it and gently rub it on your face where blackheads are located, for 2 to 4 minutes and then wash your face with fresh water. This method will also close the pores after clearing the blackheads.


  1. Home-made Mask for clear skin:

If you generally want to take care of your skin and keep it problem free then this mask recipe is the best for you.

Checklist:   Chickpea flour 2 tablespoons, 2 egg whites, 1 to 2 mashed strawberries (depending on the size), 1 tablespoon wheat flour, a pinch of turmeric, any other fruit you want to add, for example, apples.

Preparation: Mix all the ingredients and mash the fruits into it and then apply to your face (can also be applied to hands and feet) and keep it until it gets dried and then washes your face with cold/fresh water.

  1. Using Lemons and Honey to Rejuvenate Skin:

Lemons and Honey have been used for centuries as skincare products by our ancestors. Many of the expensive products still have these two things because they are known for their rejuvenating, medicinal and refreshing qualities.

Method: Take half a lemon, drop some honey on it, rub it gently on your face using upward strokes, leave it for 10 minutes and then wash your face.


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