Sarah Tabar 50 Plastic Surgeries to Look like Angelina Jolie

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Teenage Iranian Girl Went through 50 Plastic Surgeries to Look Like Her Favorite Star Angelina Jolie

Everyone has their favorite stars which they like to see in movies, on television and many people also like to look the same way as these stars, for example, copying the same haircut or try to wear similar clothes as them. But there in the world are some strange cases where the fans like to look EXACTLY like their favorite stars and these people go to extremes or cross any boundary to make that happen. Such a case is of Sahar Tabar, an Iranian social media personality who has a huge number of Instagram followers, as huge as 308,000 which have spiked up to 553,000 in the previous 24 hours, but most of her followers have been posting comments which were not so polite, for example, one person posted on a picture she uploaded on Instagram as “Zombie” on a recent shot while another said: “Her: Doc makes me look like an 8-month-old corpse. Doc: Say no more.”

Sarah Iranian Girl

The 19-year-old Iranian girl from Tehran is claimed to go through 50 plastic surgeries in the time span of few months according to Belgian website Sud Info., to look like her idol Angelina Jolie. This news has not been officially confirmed, however, so it is possible that her unique looks are the result of careful makeup or even prosthetics. She also claims that she can do whatever it takes to look like the star and also wears blue contact lenses to mimic the look further and also has piercings on both her cheeks. Her passion towards looking like Angelina Jolie has taken her to opt for an extreme diet which is to keep her in the range of 40 Kgs of weight with the height of 4.8 ft., which is fairly underweight for her height qualifying her to be a patient of anorexia nervosa and responsible for her dead look.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a chief celebrity plastic surgeon at Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery in Miami, but has not treated Sahar Tabar said that “The nose is obviously distorted from having at least one too many rhinoplasties”. And also claimed that “There is probably a silicone implant to give tip and bridge support.” He also described Tabar’s look as distorted, saying malnutrition likely contributed to her surprise appearance. “Most of the other distortion is from anorexia,” he said. “She is clearly protein deficient, which causes the hollowing out of the temporal areas and cheeks—which gives a ‘skeleton’ look.”

People all over the internet are calling it an extreme measure and most of them are showing a not so encouraging attitude towards her transformation. Her previous pictures before the surgery have also been surfacing the internet, showing her as a normal teenage girl. And some of the people are also blaming the doctors and considering them responsible for this event and some people are calling Sahar Tabar as a girl looking for attention.



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