Selecting different languages ​​on the PC-2022

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Today I will tell you the tip of choosing different languages ​​on PC.
Earlier, you were told to download a keyboard from a website and write Urdu. But today from your PC
I’ll tell you how to select different languages. The screenshot that I will attach to it is that of Windows 7 in other windows
There may be a slight difference.
So let’s go to the thread.
First you go to the Control Panel and then from there you follow this screenshot.

Pressing No. 6 Ed will open a window like this. You can find your favorite language by scrolling it up and down
Then select whichever language you want to select. I already have Urdu installed and English is by default.
So I clicked on Arabic. Check out this screenshot.

Now when you click on Arabic, a window like this will open. Here you can select your own keyboard and then press the OK button.

Pressing the button will bring you back to the keyboard window. If you want to select another language, repeat this process.
When you return to this window, the language you select will now start to appear here.
Now you have to press the Apply button and you’re done.

Now Arabic will appear in your language bar too.
You can select your language according to this screenshot.

Or you can replace it with your pad.
Alt + shift
You can also change the language by pressing together. You can select English from Urdu by pressing once and Arabic by pressing again.
Read this article for more guidance on choosing a language from the keyboard.

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