Shahbaz Shareef has been nominated as candidate For the Prime minister by Nawaz Shareef:

Shahbaz Shareef has been nominated as Chief Minister by Former President Nawaz Shareef:

Shahbaz Shareef has been nominated as candidate For the Prime minister by Nawaz Shareef:

Former president Nawaz Shareef being pleased with Sahbaz Shareef has nominated him as the candidate for the prime minister in the next elections from their party Pakistan Muslim league (PML-N).

Nawaz Shareef has decided this after attending the meeting of PML-N bigwigs at his Jati Umra residence. At the meeting and according to the sources he gave a lot of compliment to his brother; shahbaz shareef for his hard work and devotion to public service and to never disappointed him in any situation. Simply, Shahbaz Shareef has been nomited as Chief Minister by Nawaz Shareef.

He said:

‘’Shahbaz has always worked tpo further the party policies for public welfare and this unflagging attitude earned him the opportunity to be trusted for a higher office. We are a democratic political party where everyone is free to voice their mind. Shahbaz has had difference of opinion over sone issues yet his commitment to the party overrule all else, which is why he has never violated the party discipline,’’ said the former prime minister.

He said Shahbaz has did hard work to achieve the progress and development and the success he achieved as chief minister is all he did. He said he didn’t harm me while consultation and agreement with him. Nawaz sharif wants best for his brother Shahbaz shareef; for nominating as chief minister.

He said :

‘’Sahbaz shareef has never disappointed me’’

Nawaz sharif said that those who consider themselves as members of the party has to stand by the party and the party’s stance in testing time instead of creating and fanning discord.

‘’such behavior will not be tolerated’’

Moreover he said:

‘’these two principles of civilian supremecy in democracy and sanctity of vote will be the slogan for the 2018 election campaign’’

At one side it is shown that the two brothers has some type of dispute and disagreements reported by the media.

The statements given by Maryium Nawaz and Hamza Shahbaz after several meetings too showed that both side were trying to convince each other to adopt their stance.

As from the decision of Nawaz after his disqualification of not nominating Shahbaz as the party head. This was seen by some which showed the distrust between the two brothers.  This announcement could very well be seen as an announcement of an end to that friction. Although it’s confusing that wether he wants to nominate Shahbaz Shareef as next candidate for Prime minister or not.


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