ShSpot Fifa Online 3 Tournament

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ShSpot Fifa Online 3 Tournament



Shspot launches Fifa online 3 tournaments on Facebook to give young gamers a chance to show their gaming skills. In this tournament, we have people from all over the world which make this tournament more beautiful. This tournament is Organised in a facebook group. Everyone one is invited to join this tournament Free of cost.

In the end, 24 teams registered and we have decided all teams in 6 groups. So we get 4 teams in each group

Every team has to play 2 matches against all their group teams.

Fifa Online 3 Registered Teams

Manager Names

Group A     

  • fo3pakkistan
  • Samerxmessi
  • Mdtatu
  • Dipmitra                                                                                 

Group B 

  • iamkarry22
  • samerxmessi99
  • Pakjokowidodol
  • PMKxSOURAVx                                                                                                                                

Group C

  • NOOByadav
  • Biswarup14
  • Ahmedshober
  • xEiNino09x


Group D  

  • TUxHAmZAMA3Estro
  • zEDLegendKEed
  • Dhurbokachoda
  • Shahkar7                                                                 

Group E 

  • TUxCoder
  • bleedbluetintin
  • FFangs
  • dhurbokachoda                                                                                                          

Group F

  • JORJ786
  • SpeedTroopS
  • ShahZaib
  • Deatheaters



  • Total 6 groups. Every Group has 4 teams, 2 teams from each group qualify to knock out stage.
  • Every group team will play 6 matches, 2 with each team in the group.
  • If you win you will get 3 points, if you draw you will get 1 point.
  • You need to complete your group matches before 6 March. Next Round start from 8 March.
  • 6 March is the last date to play group matches.
  • You need to message to your opponent of the group and add by manager name to play 1v1 match.
  • If Opponent didn’t reply or didn’t play the match against you, you will be rewarded 3 points.
  • Comment below with your manager name so your opponent can find you easily, and set your match timing according to your suitable time.

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