Syeda Mahpara Shahid Pakistan Goal Keeper

Syeda Mahpara Shahid Pakistan Goal Keeper Interview of 2015

Syeda Mahpara Shahid Best Goal Keeper of Pakistan

NameSyeda Mahpara Shahid
Baluchistan United
Position: Goal Keeper

Title: The Wall


  • Participated in both South Asian Games & SAFF Women Championship in Bangladesh.
  • Won Best player in SAFF Women Championship 2011 in Bangladesh
  • Won Best Goal Keeper of National women Football championship 2008,2010,2011,2012,2013

 An Interview With Syeda Mahpara Shahid

Mahpara( Asia Best Goal Keeper)  and without a doubt Pakistan most valuable player with a record of 15 international matches & 5 National Championship wins. started Football on school days. Then She Joined Young Rising star Club in 2007 as a Defender but soon in 2008, her Coach Shahid Ahmad realize that she have Skills to become a Goal Keeper.

After becoming Goalkeeper she got an award for Best Goal Keeper of Pakistan. In 2011 SAFF championship Bangladesh declared Pakistan Best player.


Mahpara: Football is my Passion I love to Play.


Mahpara: My 1st step in football was not so difficult because my parents always supported me. If I am here today this is all because of them.


Mahpara: I want to Thank Sir….Shahid Ahmad who have found a hidden talent in me. He is very nice and humble person I am thankful to him that he trained me so well.


Mahpara: I trained daily to make myself fit because I love to win and its honour to represent Pakistan.


Mahpara: Environment here is very good everyone is so friendly we live like a family.


Mahpara: I want to say to all Girls if u have potential come and Play here environment here is very good.


Mahpara: I think PFF should conduct more matches for Women.


Mahpara: I Give All Credits of my success to my Parents!

Top 6 Questions Answer by Mahpara


Q1. Which is your favourite movie?

Mahpara: Million Dollar Baby

Q2. Your Favorite Actor?

Answer: Akshay Kumar 

Q3: One Word for Kaleem Ullah?

Mahpara: Inspiration for Youngster

Q4:  Would you like to accept the offer to join Showbiz as an actor?

Mahpara: Yes, I will.

Q5: what are your hobbies other than football?

Mahpara: Singing

Q6: Your Favourite Player  C.Ronaldo or Messi?

Mahpara: My Favorite Player is Ronaldo because he is a complete player I love to watch him play. He is the idol for many youngsters.



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