Take a Selfie, Fake a Life

Did you know selfies can be fatal?
Yes, you heard me right.
Smartphones have many amazing features to offer, it is understandable if people are addicted to using it.
But the selfie addiction has no explanation.
I bet not even the phone makers saw this coming when they made the front camera for video chatting.
Who would have thought they were unleashing a demon.
You walk into a phone accessories shop and you see these shelves filled with accessories just related to selfies such as the selfie sticks, the grip phone cases, etc.
It is dangerous and scary how this is taking over our minds.

Privacy Issue
Just because the internet is an intangible virtual space does not make it safe.
In fact, it makes it more dangerous.
Sharing selfies online, even storing them on some cloud is not as secure as we are led to believe.
Sharing pictures online makes us prone to cyberbullying, it is almost like dishing out the ammo to the bully.

It makes people Narcissistic
People literally dress up in their homes just to take selfies.
It makes them feel good about themselves.
They will get all kind of phone accessories, take time to set their phones up just to take the perfect selfie.
Well, not one a billion perfect selfies.
This creates a self-liking in people that is not healthy.
Studies found out that people are not actually as good looking in real life or in photos taken by other people than they are in selfies.
Although they favor their own selfies over others because they like to feel good about themselves.

Damages Relationships
This is legit at so many different levels.
It was found in a study that people tend to feel hatred towards their friends who post a lot of selfies.
This hatred is mostly powered by the annoyance of seeing the same face in the very same pose and facial expression 35 different times.
That is bound to tick people off.
It also affects people’s tolerance of criticism.
They are not very open to people telling that even one of the many million pictures they have taken is not as nice.
Thirdly, it makes people inconsiderate.
Selfie goers are usually into capturing about any moment and every moment.
Which does not always work best for the others?
Many times people tend to ignore other person’s position, for example, if they are sick or they fell down, and just take the picture.

Selfie Obsession is a Serious Issue
There is no serious mental disorder yet
But it seems to be on its way.
With people buying tripod stands and selfie sticks from a wholesale and standing in the middle of the road just to take a picture extraordinary, this obsession is becoming lethal.
Danny Bowman is a teenager that tried to kill himself because he could not get a perfect selfie of himself.
He dropped out of school, lost all these friends and almost lost his life.
Doctors say that even though his case is a little extreme but there are others with the same problem, and it needs to be taken seriously in an account.

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