Teamfight Ways patch 11.11 official notes brings huge adjustments to the abomination trait

Teamfight Ways patch 11.11 can be bringing in a big variety of adjustments to the Reckoning set within the upcoming replace.

Abomination can be receiving the very best variety of adjustments in patch 11.11, as it will likely be receiving plenty of buffs, in order that it’s not as underwhelming because it was once.

Furthermore, Forgotten, Knight, and Skirmisher can be receiving vital nerfs and they don’t seem to be going to be as dominant when patch 11.11 lastly goes reside.

Teamfight Ways gamers on the lookout for an in depth description of the patch can lookup Riot’s official web site.

Nevertheless, for a quick overview, listed below are all the key highlights.

Teamfight Ways patch 11.11 official notes

Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

#1. System adjustments

System adjustments in Reckoning embody a rework to buy charges following changes that have been made to the Chosen mechanic in Set 4 Fates, together with UI enhancements that may help gamers in making higher selections on the fly.


With the launch of Patch 11.11, gamers can learn a full description of accomplished gadgets whereas competing and not using a third-party app. The primary click on on a element will present doable accomplished gadgets, whereas a second click on on a accomplished merchandise will present a full description of what it does.

PC gamers may also discover a change to Zz’Rot Portal, with the TFT crew altering its coloration from inexperienced to purple.

Store charge percentages

To encourage re-roll methods for 2 and three-cost champions, the store charge percentages have been adjusted at ranges six and 7.

  • Degree six: Adjusted from 35/35/25/5/0 to 25/40/30/5/0 %.
  • Degree seven: Adjusted from 19/35/30/15/1 to 19/30/35/15/1 %.

Carousel adjustments

The looks of Shadow gadgets within the carousels has been adjusted, offering extra alternatives to make a journey into the Black Mist.

  • One Shadow merchandise: Adjusted from 10 to 0 %.
  • Two Shadow gadgets: Adjusted from 75 to 70 %.
  • Three Shadow gadgets: Elevated from 10 to 25 %.
  • 4 Shadow gadgets: No change, remaining at 5 %.

Orb changes

Orbs are getting a buff in Patch 1.11, decreasing the percentages of getting gold in trade for champions of equal worth. Blue Orbs have been additionally reworked.

  • Blue Orb: Modified from Neeko and two gold (eight % likelihood) to a Neeko plus one two-cost unit (six % likelihood) or a Neeko and one three-cost champion (two % likelihood.)
  • All Orbs: Decrease likelihood of getting gold with a rise of receiving champions of equal worth.

#2. Patch 11.11 trait adjustments

Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Skirmishers have been dominating the TFT Set 5 meta, however a nerf to shields ought to tone the comp down some. Adjustments to the Abomination trait may set off Cultist flashbacks, whereas Knights have been tweaked to compensate for the variety of nerfs towards armor and magic resist.


  • Abomination Monstrosity Enrage forged time decreased by 25 %.
  • Abomination Monstrosity base well being elevated from 1000/1400/1800 to 1000/1600/2200.
  • Abomination Monstrosity bonus well being per star stage elevated to 100/160/220.
  • Abomination Monstrosity assault injury elevated to 100/160/220.
  • Abomination Monstrosity assault injury per star stage elevated to 10/16/22.


  • Skirmisher protect modified from 300/600 to twenty/40 % of most well being.


  • Knight injury discount decreased at six champions to 80.


  • Forgotten assault injury and skill energy decreased at 9 models to 140.


  • AP adjusted from 20/60 to twenty/50
  • AP per forged modified from 2/6 to 2/5

#3. Patch 11.11 merchandise adjustments

With the addition of Shadow gadgets in Set 5 Reckoning, the TFT crew has a complete of 10 merchandise adjustments happening in Patch 11.11. A rework was utilized to Vengeful Entice Claw, whereas Remaining Whisper was given a considerable buff.

  • Archangel’s Workers tooltip reads appropriately, stating skill energy achieve applies to the forged that grants the bonus skill energy.
  • Archangel’s Workers mana ratio elevated from 35 to 40 %.
  • Archdemon’s Workers of Immortality mana ratio elevated from 300 to 350 %.
  • Riskthirster bonus assault pace length elevated to 4 seconds.
  • Deathblade and Caustic Deathblade beginning stacks elevated from three to 4.
  • Hextech Gunblade of Immortality will now heal the ally with the bottom share of well being.
  • Remaining Whisper armor and MR shred elevated from 50 to 70 %.
  • Redemption lacking well being heal decreased from 25 to twenty %.
  • Statikk Shiv and Shadow Statikk Shiv magic resist shred decreased from 70 to 50 %.
  • Vengeful Entice Claw reworked: When fight begins, the holder and all allies inside one Hex in the identical row achieve a protect that blocks the primary enemy’s skill.

#4. Patch 11.11 champion nerfs and buffs

Quite a few impactful changes might shake up the meta as soon as once more in Set 5 Reckoning. Darius and Garen have been tweaked throughout a number of levers whereas solely Kayle’s HP was adjusted. Aphelios received some small buffs, presumably reviving him from the grave. And Jax’s bonus assault pace was nerfed, doubtlessly firming the TFT champ down some.


  • Udyr Feral Intuition assault injury decreased from 130/140/200 to 120/130/180 %.
  • Vladimir Transfusion injury elevated from 250/350/450 to 300/420/540.


  • LeBlanc Ethereal Chain stun length adjusted from 1.5/2/2.5 to 2 seconds throughout the board.
  • LeBlanc Ethereal chain injury decreased from 200/300/600 to 200/250/500
  • Sejuani Fury of the North bonus armor and magic resist buffed from 60/120/300 to 100/150/300.
  • Soraka most mana buff adjusted to 30/70, beforehand 30/80.
  • Trundle Subjugate skill energy ratio decreased from 100 to 50 %.
  • Trundle Subjugate stat steal length elevated from six to eight seconds.
  • Varus Holy Arrows Blessing on-hit bonus injury decreased from 40/60/100 to 40/60/90.


  • Lulu Whimsy assault pace elevated at three-star to 120 %.
  • Morgana’s well being elevated from 800 to 850.
  • Morgana beginning mana buff adjusted from 60/120 to 80/120.
  • Patheon Aegis assault injury discount adjusted from 75/80/90 to 65 % throughout the board.
  • Nidalee bonus injury on the assault after dodging elevated from 100/150/375 to 120/180/450.
  • Riven Blade of the Daybreak assault injury bonus elevated at three-star to 150 %.


  • Aphelios assault injury elevated from 70 to 75.
  • Draven Spinning Axes assault injury multiplier adjusted from 180/200/260 to 170/180/340 %.
  • Draven Spinning Axes bonus injury elevated at three-star to 800.
  • Ivern’s Daisy will now correctly star up with Ivern.
  • Daisy’s well being will stay the identical upon star will increase, however she is going to achieve bonus assault injury.
  • Daisy’s Shockwave injury and stun length will apply to star worth, versus the earlier one-star worth throughout the board.
  • Karma’s Soulflare injury adjusted from 180/240/700 to 200/250/600.
  • Jax Empowered Strike bonus assault pace adjusted from 30/35/50 to twenty/25/60 %.
  • Mordekaiser most mana modified from 0/70 to 0/80.
  • Vel’Koz Lifeform Disintegration Ray injury adjusted from 1000/1250/4000 to 900/1150/4000.


  • Darius’ beginning mana modified from 30/100 to 40/100.
  • Darius God Wolf’s Carnage armor shred decreased from 70 to 50 %.
  • Darius God Wolf’s Carnage armor shred length decreased from 10 to eight seconds.
  • Darius God Wolf’s Carnage therapeutic per auto after forged adjusted from 10 % throughout the board to fifteen/20/50 %.
  • Darius God Wolf’s Carnage assault injury scaling modified from 160/200/2000 to 180/220/2000 %.
  • Garen beginning mana adjusted from 30/100 to 40/100.
  • Garen God-Lion’s Justice magic resist shred decreased from 70 to 50 %.
  • Garen God-Lion’s Justice magic resist shred length decreased from 10 to eight seconds.
  • Heimerdinger injury elevated from 400/600/7777 to 500/650/7777.
  • Kayle’s well being nerfed from 700 to 500.
  • Volibear beginning mana adjusted from 80/200 to 100/200.

#5. Patch 11.11 bug fixes

Quite a few bug fixes have been utilized in TFT Patch 11.11, bettering gameplay whereas creating extra strategic alternatives.

  • Benefiting from results offered by Chalice of Energy, Kled will now correctly obtain “begin of fight” results earlier than triggering his protect.
  • Redemption’s therapeutic will now present up within the fight recap.
  • Shadow gadgets will now not present stacks to Titan’s Resolve.
  • The next Champions’ bodily skills now not nonetheless deal their injury regardless of triggering Entice Claw: Aatrox, Aphelios, Jax, Kalista, Sett, and Varus.
  • Zz’Rot Voidspawn corrupted by Viego now has the correct stats and results.
  • The Invoker trait received’t profit models anymore when it’s not lively.
  • Kalista’s spear can now not fail to hit if she dies after casting.
  • Mounted a difficulty the place a Trundle’s Subjugate buff expiring whereas below the impact of an enemy Trundle’s Subjugate debuff may consequence within the Trundle turning into unkillable for the rest of fight.
  • Thresh will now not proceed pulling Revenant enemies who’re reviving.
  • Thresh can now begin gaining mana instantly after he stops pulling his goal.

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