Telenor Free Internet Tricks | 2022

Are you a Telenor user and waiting for the new free internet tricks? In this article, we tell you about free internet trick of Telenor if you want to access these offers. Then read out this article very carefully because you can get lots of new methods here and you must follow these valuable tricks and get Telenor free internet tricks.


Telenor Free 8 GB Internet Trick 2022 

Our first trick is if you want 8 GB free Telenor internet. Then you must follow these steps

  • First, you type 1 and send it to 771368.
  • Get 8 GB free Telenor internet.
  • If you want to Check Free Telenor MBs, then use this Code *999# by using Telenor Free internet 2022.


Free Telenor Internet Proxy 2022 

Telenor free internet proxy settings are you must follow these steps:

  • First, go to Setting and then create a new Access file
  • APN: Internet Proxy is: Port: 80
  • Then, open your UC browser and get the free Internet on Telenor.
  • Then write in the URL bar and click on search or go.
  • Free internet is working.
  • Enjoy your free internet.


Free Telenor new internet Trick working 2022

  • First, you will install Freedom Apk
  • Then go to the Playstore search and installed the App
  • After install, you must open the App & Press Connection.
  • Type Your-Freedom.comin server
  • Then choose Mobilink Jazz (Pakistan)
  • Then select DNS Connection Mode
  • 443 Port and then Press Start Connection
  • Enjoy Free internet on your Telenor sim


Telenor Free 5 GB Internet Trick 2022 

Our first trick is if you want 5 GB free Telenor internet. Follow these steps

  • First, go to the message (SMS) type 1
  • Then send it to 771381.
  • Now you get 5 GB free Telenor internet.
  • Check MBs then use this Code *999#
  • Enjoy free Telenor internet 2022.

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