Telenor Internet Packages: World’s Best Internet Package

In this article, we will tell you about the most helpful and low price Telenor Internet Packages. There are many mobile phone services which are providing the best services to their customers. Today we will give you knowledge about one of the best mobile phone internet service, which is Telenor Internet Package service.

Telenor Internet Packages Service

Telenor Internet Package service is known as one of the best services all over the world. In this service, we provide our customer’s user-friendly packages by keeping their budget in mind. All of you will feel happy and enjoy it.

Different Offers of Telenor Internet Packages

1. One Day Internet Package Offer

In this Telenor Internet Package offer our customer will get 200Mbs with high speed. They will talk to their relatives, friends and family members from 12 am to 12 am, at 1Rs Per Hour. Charges of this service are Rs100 only.

2. Weekly-Offer

In this Telenor Internet Package offer our customer will get 3G internet technology, 2000Mbs+10000 free Sms on any Network, in Pakistan. Service charges will be Rs 500 only.

3. Monthly-Offer

In this Telenor Internet Package, we provide 4G internet technology service, with 3000Mbs+Unlimited of the net and on-net calls on any network. Service charges will be Rs 1000 only.

*All Offers are available with Active and Deactivated codes.

Our Scope

Telenor Internet Package service is a service which offers many low price packages. Our Customers Service Officers are ready to resolve your problems on a 24/7 basis.
You can get knowledge by visiting the Franchise too. We have got the First Noble Prize on behalf of Telenor Internet Package service due to its low charges and providing high speed.
Hope you will soon getting Telenor Internet Package Offers to get the best experience.
Telenor Internet Package Service is not only available in Pakistan, but it is also prevalent in other countries of Asia.

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