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Ten Ways to Increase Computer Startup Speed-2022


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Ten Ways to Increase Computer Startup Speed

We use our computers every day and there are many computers that are connected to the internet all the time. Today I will share with you some tips that will not only increase the boot speed of your computer but also the computer. The performance will also be seen.
So friends go towards the topic

Number 1: Bios Setting

Dear Friends are set up on our computer by default CD-ROM. If this system takes time to start the window, then to avoid this timestep, go to your computer by restarting the setup and set the Windows boot device on the hard drive. Because we do not have to install windows every day so we can do a cheng setting again when needed.

Number 2: Terminating startup programs

Friends Some programs are installed on our computer system that start with window startup. Because of these programs or software, window start-up time seems quite high. You can set which programs start-up as well as which do not have software startups.
Will write MSConfig To do this setting, you will click on Start in the window suture and click on Run and in the window that opens.
This will open a new window. After clicking on the Startup tab, you will see a list of programs that are automatically started.

Now it depends on which program you want to start with the window start and which program you do not want. When you are done setting, click Apply. This will significantly reduce window start-up time.

Number 3: Window Services Delay Time Set

Similar to the Friends No.2 program, windows have their own services that start with the window itself.
Of course, stopping these services can make a difference in computer performance, but we can set these services so that when the computer starts, these services do not start at the same time, but after some time when the PC is full working. When ordering, these services will start. To do this setting, you have to click on Start and type services in the search box and then press enter, after which a new window will open. Here you will be able to view all services on the right. Right-click on any service setting. Can be changed from Properties.

Number 4: Disabling unnecessary hardware

Hardware drivers also load as friends window starts up. There are many hardware nowadays that we rarely use, such as
Bluetooth controllers, modems, and virtual Wi-Fi adapters
So if such hardware is disabled, this window will not load with startup and startup time will be reduced.
To do this you need to go to My Computer Properties and click on the device driver and disassemble the hardware which is unnecessary.

Number 5: Choose the best antivirus

Have your friends install a good antivirus on your computer and keep this antivirus updated as they scan your computer.
This will benefit that the antivirus will continue to remover all malware that will not load on the window.

Number 6: Reducing timeout

Friends are some of the systems in which we have more than one operating system installed. Now it takes 30 seconds of the timer on the computer to select the default operating system ie we have to wait thirty seconds which is enough time to go to the following link to reduce this time.
Click Start> Type Run In Search Box> Write msconfig> Click On Boot Tab>
Here you can set the time in the Time Outbox

Number 7: Hydrating unnecessary fonts

Friends have built-in fonts on our computer, but many of them are fonts that we may not use all our life, even if such fonts are hijacked, the start-up time may be reduced. Remember that hydrating two or four fonts will not make much difference, but more of your fonts will be hydrated. Hiding will not load these fonts with the startup. Go to the following link to do so.
Control Panel> Appearance and Personalization> Fonts
Here you will have a fonts list show that you can hydrate on your own.

Number 8: RAM upgrade

Increasing MM has always been beneficial for computers. If you are using a new computer, there is no need to upgrade the RAM but if you are using the old system then the RAM should be increased if you are using more updated programs that start with Windows. There are. Upgrading the RAM will not only be useful for your computer system, but it will also increase computer startup speed.

Number 9: Upgraded operating system

At times, upgrading the operating system is essential for friends so upgrading the operating system is essential to maintain system speed.
But if you are using a window suture and upgrading to a direct window tan then obviously it would be a loss rather than a profit. You can upgrade from window suture to window socket and it will be better for you and your computer system.

Number 10: Installing solid state device

Dear friends nowadays, technology is so far away that if we can take advantage of that we can add a device to our computer system called solid-state device which is common in the market. Becomes super fast and drastically changes startup programs

So friends, here are all the ways you can increase your computer’s startup speed, but it will also affect the personal speed of the computer as well.

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