Top 3 IPL Games for Android 2022 Download Free

Top 3 IPL Games for Android 2022 Download Free

We are a country who is crazy for Cricket. During the IPL season, the country’s cricket fever reach extremely high levels. Every person has his own favorite cricket team but when IPL comes, they all forget their loyalties and likeness for two months.

As IPL fever has hit the country with all of its excitement and crazes so nothing can be done about it. These cricket fans not only not only enjoy watching IPL matches on TV but also they play amazing IPL cricket games on their smartphones, PC, consoles or other Android devices.

For now, there is not a full-fledged IPL cricket game introduced for playing IPL online but there are so many other IPL games available online. Gamers just open any browser and play any particular game they want to play. They also install IPL game for android on their smartphones.

Top 3 IPL Games for Android 2022 Download Free

Here are some IPL cricket games download for android which you can play on android and have some fun:

  1. Big Bash 2022

It is one of the popular games in the cricket world. The game is fully licensed by all the clubs and the league itself. It also allows you to play Big Bash League and Women Big Bash League so that you can take your club to the new heights. This game has 2 game modes and 3 difficulty modes. With each mode, the difficulty level increases. The Quick Play mode allows you to play two overs. There is Full Match Mode too which allows you to play twenty overs straight. The success of this game can be noted down from the fact that this game has 5 rating on play store and has many users worldwide.


  1. Gujrat Lions T20

This is one of the famous games which IPL lovers play during the IPL season. This game is available for free on Playstore and with its advanced features give you amazing cricket playing experience. It has a Ultra-Realistic 3D feature which gives the feel of lifelike animation of the stadium and stands. If the match gets tough while bowling, you can also make use of power-ups like Fire Ball and Super-Fast Ball to make the game strong and win the match. You can also download this game for free by typing words like IPL cricket game free download for android and can enjoy this game on your android phone.

Gujrat Lions T20

  1. RCB Star Cricket

This game offers you a chance to chase more than 60 different targets. This game is quite simple and easy to play. You just have to tap the screen in the desired direction where you want to hit. It also has 3D stadiums and accurate player models which make it a wholesome cricket experience to enjoy. If you get successful in chasing the target then you also get the chance to win gifts like bats signed by RCB stars. RCB kits are also given to leaders as gifts. The top scorer of the overall IPL season also gets the chance to meet some RCB stars in person.

RCB star Cricket





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