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Top ten Urdu Jokes of 2018 Make You Laugh Hard

We hv read thousand of jokes but today I will share top 10 Urdu jokes of 2018. A joke is a combination or collection of words that are said to create the feeling of amusement. It is the type of oral exhibition for production of humor. These jokes cause the laughter. These are mostly described in punchline system. Sometimes when you are in the bad or sad mood, these jokes can change your whole mood and make you happy. You should have a nice and funny collection of the jokes. These jokes can turn a disappointed, depressed and sad environment into happy and relax surrounding.

In the modern world, a life of every person is tough and of the busy schedule and he does not find time to relax. Due to this, the life of the person becomes depressed and mournful. Jokes can help them feel better and relax. Jokes make them laugh. When you laugh many physical changes are induced in the body. Jokes can release tension and stress. These also play a significant role in the social life of these persons. If you share jokes at your workstation it can inspire your colleagues or customers.

It keeps sharpening our capabilities and humor. It can improve our sense of humor. But you should care that their jokes should not be insulting to anyone. You should have good jokes in your mind. In this article, I am going to describe the following article related to different categories.

Top ten Urdu Jokes of 2018

Urdu Joke 1


Urdu Joke 2


Urdu Joke 3


Urdu Joke 4


Urdu Joke 5


Urdu Joke 6


Urdu Joke 7


Urdu Joke 8


Urdu Joke 9



Urdu Joke 10


Urdu joke 10


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