Top ten Urdu Quotes Mostly Used in Pakistan

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Urdu quotes are famous and mostly used in Pakistan so let’s talk about top ten Urdu Quotes. The Life is the mysterious thing ever. You can not say anything with surety about it. Sometimes it is full of happiness and joyous moments. Sometimes you have to face the many problems and bad time. But it down not matter. You have to face all these things with great courage and patience. Otherwise, it will let you down. In those hard times, it is very easy to get depressed and sad. But you have to face the pain. Because this pain produces courage in you.

Nothing can happen according to your expectations. If you quit expectations, your life becomes amazing and best thing ever. Just believe in Allah and yourself. This is the foremost tip to live happy and easier life.

In this article, I am going to explain the reality of life by the following 10 quotes. These will make you understand how to live easy in life. The terminology moving on will be described by it.

List of top ten Urdu Quotes

Urdu Quote 1


Urdu Quote 2



Urdu Quote 3



Urdu Quote 4



Urdu Quote 5



Urdu Quote 6



Urdu Quote 7




Urdu Quote 8



Urdu Quote 9

Urdu quote 9

Urdu Quote 10

Urdu quote 10



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