Amazing Ufone SMS packages 2022 – Best SMS Packages

Ufone SMS Packages 2022 for Prepaid Customers:

Ufone Provide Best Packages of 2022 for their users having SMS packages of daily, Weekly,  and monthly. Under the slogan of “Ufone tum hi to ho”, Ufone provides you with wide-ranging SMS packages and buckets from high price to low price packages.

6 amazing Ufone SMS packages 2022:

  1. Daily Package
  2. Fortnightly Package
  3. Unlimited Package
  4. Yearly SMS Package
  5. Weekly SMS Bucket
  6. 45 Day SMS Bucket

Ufone Sms package December 2022

You can subscribe to any SMS bundle provided here if you are a Ufone Customer as these packages due to their low cost and a huge number of SMS provided (provided by Ufone) are enough for anyone who uses SMS as a mode of communication more than any other means. And having an SMS bundle also saves you a lot of money.

Let’s see what they are offering in this detailed article:

  1. Ufone Daily SMS Package 2022

  • This package provides you with 1,500 free SMS for the duration of 24 hours, that is, one day and costs Rs.3.99+tax.
  • To subscribe to this package: SMS ‘sub’ to 605.
  1. Ufone SMS Fortnightly Package 2022

  • This amazing package gives you 10,000 free SMS for 14 days in a row for Rs. 30+tax.
  • To subscribe: SMS ‘sub’ to 603.
  1. Ufone Unlimited SMS Package 2022

  • In this package, you will be given 20,000 free SMS for 30 days/1 months costing you Rs. 80+tax.
  • To activate SMS ‘sub’ to 607.
  1. Ufone Yearly SMS Package 2022

  • In this package, you will be provided unlimited*       amount of SMS for one whole year in the dust cheap price of Rs. 666+tax.
  • For Activation: SMS ‘sub’ to 601.
  • *Fair usage policy of 100,000 SMS applies.
  1. Ufone Weekly SMS Bucket 2022*

  • In this bucket, you will be provided with 1,200 free SMS for 7 days in the amount of Rs. 10+tax.
  • To activate this bucket: type ‘sub’ and send it to 608.
  • *This package is only valid for Uth Pack Customers.
  1. Ufone 45 Day SMS Bucket 2022

  • This 45 Day Bucket provides the customers with 30,000 SMS for only Rs. 99+tax.
  • To subscribe to this bucket: type ‘sub’ and send it to 614.

How to Activate any of these Ufone SMS Packages:

Step 1: Go to your message tab in your cell-phone and open it to type a message.

Step 2: type ‘sub’ and then send it to the respective code provided to you with every package mentioned above, for example, 603.

Terms and Conditions

  • SMS Buckets and Bundles do not include International SMS or Premium SMS.
  • SMS to the shortcodes 600 and 606 will cost you 5paisas+tax for each message.
  • For Islamabad, FATA, AJK and Baltistan, an additional amount of 0.84% will be charged and also 18.5% FED on usage and other taxes on bill/recharge apply.
  • To inquire about the remaining SMS and the bundles’ expiry date, send a blank SMS to 606.
  • To unsubscribe from any SMS bundle or bucket, type ‘unsub’ in the message box and send it to 506.
  • To unsubscribe from the weekly Bundle, type ‘unsub’ and send it to 8066.

Note : We will not be responsible for Any package change, you can check Network official website for more info.

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