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Ufone Unlimited Free Internet 2022


I have an outstanding method for all my friends to get free unlimited Ufone Internet.

Step 1: Important things

=> SkyVPN
=> HackApp Data (Pro)

Where to Find?

From www.google.com

you can easily get it.

Step 2:

Install SkyVPN

Step 3:

Install hackApp data.

Open it, find and click on skyvpn and make hackable and install it.

Now open skyvpn

then connect it on FREE SERVER.

Once it is connected, switch it to Premium. the first-time opportunity will get 500MB free premium data. When the Premium is connected, do use it for up to 2 minutes and then go to mobile setting then go to the app and stop skyvpn.

Now open up the hack app data and open skyvpn.

Step 4:

Click on the details of the Skyvpn

Go to Local_Info

Find Activated ID

Start with vale the “add” go and erase them and save it.

Then find USER ID  the value before 444 put 02251983 and save them.

Then go to the back and open Sky_Info and then move to available limit you can make limits. increase as much as you can.

last, open skyvpn and connect it.

Now you can get free unlimited internet.


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