United States New tax policy 2018 created by Trump:

The United States New tax policy 2018 created by Trump:

New tax policy created by Trump:

President Trump as full power and right to check when he signs the massive tax overhaul that on Tuesday the Congress was voting for. The tax package is a significant milestone that will serve as the capstone to a turbulent year.

Last week, the passage was still was still in doubt, despite the all-Republican control of Washington that voters installed in 2016.

On Tuesday the Republicans decided to deliver a $1.5 trillion that is a tax cut with the dramatic transformation of corporation tax rates and also deductions for individual taxpayers.

If we look back at trump’s announcement of first tax held in April reveals that how goalposts for the bill moved as the year passed.

Trump introduced a page that is consisting of guideline for the tax reform held in April.

In the final bill of central proposals is adding the doubling and increasing of the child tax credit; it is a change in the bill that prefer domestic income instead of worldwide operation; and a one-time low tax on assets held by U.S corporations’ foreign subsidiaries. The purpose of this bill is to encourage companies to bring billions of dollars back to the U.S for investment in new things.

Some of the major points of the plan set by Trump and how they compare with the final bill.


The tax plan should ‘’grow the economy and create millions of jobs’’. a study released on Monday by the text foundation.

The benefit of this tax will create 339,000 more jobs nationwide for the next 10 years. On a state-by-state basis, the foundation’s estimates range from 658 more jobs in Wyoming to 38,631 in California.

If comes to comparison, the current economy is creating about 2 lakhs jobs a month that has the unemployment rate of 4.1%.


The pan which is known as shrinking the seven brackets to three which is 10%, 25%, and the third one is 35%.

But if the tax is deducted at a higher standard, many people who paid 10% this year oud not give any tax next year. After more deduction, the bracket has been adjusted to permit many people to pay less on the same income.

Donald Trump said :

‘’The massive Tax cut/reform that I have submitted is moving along in the process very well, actually ahead of schedule. Big benefits to all!!’’

These taxes will bring a lot of benefits to our country.New tax policy created by Trump:

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