Vacancies for nurses in Air Force and In Armed Force (Pakistan)

air force

It is dreamed to be an army officer or an airman and. It’s really honorable not only in sights of other but in your own vision as well, your entire family, all the relatives and specially your parents and siblings feel proud on you a lot. Yeah! Its true, the life after admission in army and navy and air force is quite challenging but, don’t forget to get the results after all these hurdles. Once you complete your respected course then, you are supposed to live a luxury life a long with your family with great honor. It’s really beneficial to serve the nation. I seriously just love our forces and solute them, because they are only true patriotic towards PAKISTAN.

Well the basic reason to write the article was to inform all those citizens who are willing to get admission in force as the “NURSE”. The vacancies are available now in army and air force and will also be available in navy (from January of 2018) but they are for very short time so, go online visit the websites that are and fill out the form first and then the slip will be generated then, on which your entry test schedule would be marked, you must print out this. This is also for females. So please don’t waste your time because they are valid for very short time get avail this golden opportunity.

Note: please fill out the all boxes carefully by submitting the right information. Otherwise you will be ban for years, be honest to you and to others THANKS!


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