Valorant patch 3.0 official notes introduce new agent KAY/O, Episode 3, and large Agent and Weapon updates

Valorant patch 3.0 will formally be introducing a brand new Episode to Riot’s shooter, and Act 1 is kicking-off with new agent KAY/O. Nonetheless, aside from the brand new Agent, the devs shall be seeking to introduce large modifications to each Brokers and weapon costs as properly.

With Valorant patch 3.0, Riot Video games shall be seeking to make the shooter’s gameplay a bit extra gun-heavy, with much less reliance on Agent skills.

Gamers on the lookout for an in depth description of the patch can search for Riot’s official web site.

Nonetheless, for a short overview, listed below are all the most important highlights.

Valorant patch 3.0 official notes

1) Valorant Agent Updates

Valorant patch 3.0 official notes

New Agent

  • KAY/O arrives in Valorant

All Brokers

  • Signature skills now solely present a minimal of 1 cost per spherical as an alternative of
  • accumulating a cost each spherical.
  • For instance, when you have a two cost signature skill and also you finish the spherical
  • with one cost remaining, you’ll not achieve a further cost
  • Prices gained from cooldowns at the moment are at all times short-term
  • Visibility returns quicker in the course of the fadeout interval of all flashes


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Nova Pulse (Q)

  • Cooldown time elevated 12 >>> 25

Gravity Nicely (C)

  • Cooldown time elevated 12 >>> 25

Stars/Astral Type (X)

  • Stars at the moment are inactive when positioned in the course of the purchase section
  • When the limitations drop, her Stars cost for 1.4 seconds earlier than changing into energetic
  • and usable.
  • On Assault, Astra can now see the Spike’s location in Astral type
  • This illustration doesn’t animate so it won’t present additional information on the
  • standing of the Spike.
  • Recall cooldown elevated 8 >>> 15
  • Granted signature expenses decreased 2 >>> 1
  • Star value decreased 200 >>>150


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Flashpoint (Q)

  • Complete expenses diminished 3 >>> 2
  • Value elevated 200 >>> 250
  • Projectile pace decreased 2500 >>>2000
  • Fault Line (E)
  • Full cost time decreased 1.5 >>> 1 second
  • Width elevated 600 >>> 750
  • Telegraph windup time decreased 1.3 >>> 1
  • Concussion length elevated 3 >>> 3.5
  • Unequip time after firing decreased 1 >>> .7
  • Cooldown time elevated 35 >>> 40

After Shock ©

  • Now explodes 3 instances with every blast dealing 60 injury with no fall off, blasts are .6
  • seconds aside
  • Explosion radius elevated 260 >>> 300
  • Unuequip time after firing decreased 1.1 >>> .9 seconds
  • Value elevated 100 >>> 200

Rolling Thunder (X)

  • Width of all explosions elevated to 2300, which was the earlier width of the ultimate explosion


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Incendiary (Q)

  • Value elevated 200 >>> 250


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Neural Theft (X)

  • Final factors required decreased 7 >>> 6


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Updraft (Q)

  • Value elevated 100 >>> 150

Tailwind (E)

  • Now not breaks Cypher’s Trapwire

Cloudburst (C)

  • Value elevated 100 >>> 200

Bladestorm (X)

  • Final factors required elevated 6 >>> 7


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Alarmbot (Q)

  • Cooldown after pickup elevated 7 >>> 20

Turret (E)

  • Cooldown after pickup elevated 10 >>> 20


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Paranoia (Q)

  • Value decreased 400 >>> 300

Darkish Cowl (E)

  • Granted signature expenses diminished 2 >>> 1
  • NOTES 3.0
  • Omen now should purchase his second smoke for 100
  • Cooldown time elevated 35 >>> 40

Shrouded Step (C)

  • Value elevated 100 >>> 150


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Curveball (Q)

  • Value elevated 200 >>> 250


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Mannequin Replace

  • Mannequin has been up to date with a polish cross

Boombot (C)

  • Value elevated 200 >>> 400

Showstopper (X)

  • Final factors required elevated 7 >>> 8


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Leer (C)

  • Value elevated 200 >>> 250


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Sluggish Orb (Q)

  • Value elevated 100 >>> 200

Barrier Orb (C)

  • Value elevated 300 >>> 400

Resurrection (X)

  • Final factors required elevated 7 >>> 8


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Trailblazer (Q)

  • Imaginative and prescient radius elevated 1750 >>> 2250
  • Max concussion length elevated 3 >>> 4
  • Value elevated 200 >>> 250

Guiding Mild (E)

  • Prices diminished 3 >>> 2
  • Prices at the moment are replenished on a 40-second cooldown
  • Skye now not must re-equip to set off her flash
  • Guiding Mild’s projectile now goes round corners tighter when free flying and is extra aware of guiding
  • Audio attenuation when forged diminished 3250 >>> 1250
  • Value of expenses elevated 100 >>> 250


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Shock Dart (Q)

  • Value elevated 100 >>> 150

Recon Bolt (E)

  • Cooldown time elevated 35 >>> 40

Owl Drone (C)

  • Value elevated 300 >>> 400

Hunter’s Fury (X)

  • Final factors required elevated 7 >>> 8


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Snakebite (C)

  • Period diminished 8 >>> 6.5
  • Outer edges of Viper’s acid patch type quicker to make sure it’s deadly if an enemy sits in all the length
  • Value elevated 100 >>> 200


Image via Riot Games
Picture through Riot Video games

Blindside (Q)

  • Value elevated 200 >>> 250

Gatecrash (E)

  • Cooldown time elevated 35 >>> 40

2) Valorant Weapon Updates

All Weapons

  • Bullet tagging modified from 75% gradual >>> 72.5% gradual
  • “Tagging” is the slowing impact you’re feeling when hit by bullets
  • Weapon Deadzones modified from 30% >>> 27.5%
  • “Deadzone” in VALORANT refers back to the motion pace a participant turns into inaccurate

All Rifles

  • Strolling inaccuracy modified from 1.3 >>> 2.0
  • Working unchanged at 5.0

All Heavens

  • Strolling Inaccuracy modified from .5 >>> 2.4
  • Working unchanged at 6.0

All SMGs

  • Strolling inaccuracy modified from .3 >>> 1.0
  • Working inaccuracy modified from 2.0 >>> 2.5


  • Strolling inaccuracy modified from .25 >>> .84
  • Working inaccuracy modified from 1.5 >>> 2.1


  • Worth decreased 500 >>> 450
  • Strolling inaccuracy modified from .25 >>> .8
  • Working inaccuracy modified from 1.0 >>> 2.0


  • Strolling inaccuracy modified from .25 >>> .92
  • Working Inaccuracy modified from 1.85 >>> 2.3


  • Strolling inaccuracy modified from .25 >>> 1.2
  • Working inaccuracy modified from 2.0 >>> 3.0


  • Worth elevated 1600 >>> 1850
  • Harm falloff at 10m modified from 13 per pellet >>> 10 per pellet
  • Harm falloff at 15m modified from 10 per pellet >>> 7 per pellet


  • Hip-fire (full auto mode) firing price elevated from 9.15 RPS >>> 9.5 RPS
  • Worth decreased 2100 >>> 2050


  • Worth decreased 200 >>> 150


Worth decreased 1100 >>> 950


Worth decreased 900 >>> 850


Worth decreased 1000 >>> 950


Worth decreased 1600 >>> 1550


Worth decreased from 5000 >>> 4700

3) Valorant Aggressive Updates

  • Right here’s a few of what you’ll be able to anticipate from our modifications:
  • Diminished the potential of feeling “onerous caught” on older accounts. In case your ability improves, your rank ought to correctly mirror that, no matter account age.
  • Matchmaking accuracy will enhance throughout all ranks, which ought to result in a smoother ranked climb and scale back how onerous it’s possible you’ll swing up and down in rank
  • Whereas profitable video games continues to be crucial issue, particular person efficiency may also be accounted for to enhance matchmaking at Immortal+
  • This could lead to higher matches on the highest ranges.
  • Shut video games could have a smaller impact on rank score features and losses
  • Adjusted our Rank Ranking curves, so climbing (or falling) ought to really feel much less risky
  • Up to date Rank distribution
  • Placements raised to Diamond 1
  • This could assist scale back the grind for our gamers on the high

4) Valorant Efficiency Updates

  • Gamers with medium to excessive spec machines (CPU sure programs) might even see as much as 6%
  • efficiency enhancements on account of the next work:
  • Improved clipping aircraft calculations utilizing multithreading
  • Improved thread utilization throughout a number of cores for distributed duties
  • Optimized digicam calculations
  • Optimized ambient audio for every map
  • Common optimizations for all skill animations

5) Valorant Social Updates

  • Hover Playing cards have been added to the social panel
  • Hover over your pals record to rapidly study extra in regards to the gamers you hav added. Rank, Account Stage, Riot ID, pal word, title, Participant Card, and extra!
  • Now you can invite to occasion with Riot ID in customized video games

6) Valorant gameplay know-how


  • Your kills will get a further highlighted border to make them stand out
  • Kill assists may also be proven to the left of the killfeed entries
  • The killfeed may also show a highlighted border on your help portrait
  • The killfeed will show sure final skills when gamers on both group are killed in a second-life state or revived
  • For instance: Sage’s participant resurrection or Phoenix’s loss of life throughout his Run It Again skill.
  • Added multi-colored killfeeds in instances the place kills would lead to the identical group coloration showing facet by facet
  • “Spherical Rollback” function for Match Mode Customized Video games
  • This function lets you set the sport again to the beginning of a earlier spherical and re-play the sport ranging from there
  • To allow the function, go to “Choices” whereas organising a Customized Recreation and toggle “On”

Match Mode

  • Moderators can activate a rollback
  • If Cheats are enabled as a Customized Recreation choice, all gamers can activate a rollback.
  • In the course of the match, the Spherical Rollback function might be discovered within the “Cheats” part of the
  • Menu.
  • Added the flexibility to toggle on and off the outer crosshair strains!
  • Adjusted help timings and thresholds for utility-based assists to make them extra constant throughout totally different Agent skills.

7) Valorant Development Updates

  • 12 months One Occasion Move—that is just like a Battlepass but it surely’s utterly free
  • This shall be energetic all through Patch 3.0 and can solely final until 3.01 goes dwell.
  • So keep in mind to get your goodie bag earlier than the occasion ends.
  • Added a Squad Enhance: You’re going to get additional XP while you play in a premade group.
  • +8% enhance for one further participant, +12% for 2, +16% for 3, and +20% for a full squad.
  • This may also be energetic all through 3.0.
  • We’re additionally completely including Account Leveling
  • Your account Participant Card will now show a numeric degree based mostly on how a lot you play.
  • Along with that, additionally, you will be boosted to a sure degree based mostly on what number of video games you’ve performed earlier than Patch 3.0.
  • For extra particulars, take a look at our full breakdown.

8) Valorant Bug fixes


  • Characters blocked by Sage’s Barrier Orb when resurrected now break the wall to make sure
  • they don’t get pushed inside map geo
  • Fastened Skye’s Seekers displaying up on the minimap even after they aren’t seen to an
  • enemy
  • Fastened Viper’s final not displaying as energetic on the group UI when Viper’s Pit is up
  • Fastened bug the place Cypher’s Spy Digicam might be positioned contained in the map on mid Icebox
  • Fastened a bug the place Reyna’s Dismiss skill couldn’t be rebought if the Purchase Menu is
  • closed and reopened throughout the identical Purchase Section
  • Fastened a bug the place cancelling Sova’s Hunter’s Fury whereas charging the shot permits participant to skip unequip animation by equipping a weapon, skill, or Spike
  • Fastened a bug the place selecting up Cypher’s TrapWires/Cages and Killjoy’s Nano Swarmsn in the course of the Purchase section would forestall you from buying a second cost


  • Fastened a bug that was inflicting a delay in latest Aggressive recreation’s Ranked Ranking updates in Match Historical past
  • Fastened a Profession display screen visible bug that might present up for many who dropped out of Immortal
  • Fastened a bug that triggered a pal’s profession to infinitely load


  • Fastened a bug the place associates’ names have been merging collectively within the social panel when interacting with them, jumbling them collectively at instances. Phrase scramble now not!

Content material Assist

  • Fastened a difficulty inflicting a hitch when viewing skins within the Assortment

Gameplay Know-how

  • Fastened a bug the place the internal crosshair toggle function wasn’t working
  • Fastened a bug the place AOE kills weren’t rewarding the suitable character if the enemy was in a debuffed state
  • Fastened a bug the place the Spike icon pulse and beeping sound weren’t in sync
  • Fastened a bug the place Ally defuse progress bar typically fails to look
  • Fastened a bug the place Observer’s Killfeed has no group colours
  • Reverted our repair for the “swirly arms” within the final patch, because it was inflicting important animation snapping

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