Very Interesting Addition to the Smartphone in 2022

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Very Interesting Addition to the Smartphone in 2022

Very Interesting Addition to the Smartphone in 2022

Are you ready for this?

There is a lot of irony going around on the horizon of the tech world.

Not that you can deduce that from the charts of iPhone trade in the UK, but big companies like Apple are running to grab the ladder of next best technology before phones die out while companies you never thought of are taking a shot.

This year the smartphone pool gets thicker and more interesting than ever.

Let’s see the unexpected additions we had this year:

Sharp Aquos Crystal

While there is nothing more beautiful than the infinity screen of Samsung Galaxy S8, it wasn’t the first bezel-less phone.

AQUOS Crystal

Sharp came up with an Aquos Crystal phone that had its borders shrunk to the least.

It never caught up much hype because of the unpopularity of the brand.

Samsung wholesale distributors in the UK will probably hunt me down for this, but a fact is a fact.

Now, however, because of the trumpets blowing everywhere about the infinity screen and edge-to-edge screen of the yet-to-be-released iPhone 8, Sharp’s new phone Aquos S2 has caught up.

Right now on sale only in China, it has a 5.5-inch screen that stretches to the top with a fingerprint sensor at the bottom.

Even though it seems unlikely it would ever come to the UK, it’s nice to see a new player catching up with the old ones.

RED Hydrogen One

Now RED is a known brand, just not for making smartphones.

I never saw a rack of saying “RED” in a store of wholesale accessories in the UK, not yet at least.

But it seems like they had taken an interest when they announced their first smartphone ever “Hydrogen One.”

Red hydrogen One

Maybe after it is launched, there will be wholesale phone cases to go with it.

It has a rugged outlook with a 5.7-inch screen and obviously an amazing camera.

But what is even more interesting the holographic display 3D display.

Not yet made clear by the company as to what it means but it has managed to hook a lot of people’s attention.

RED has been teasing by giving tiny details about the phone, so far there are mostly assumptions.

It is assumed that it will run on Android.

Word has it that it will also be based on modular technology.

But by the looks of it, the parts will be expensive to match the price of the phone itself.

Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus

Now it doesn’t seem like something out of the ordinary, but wait till you hear about the special edition.

Huawei 7 plus

On the 30th birthday, KFC decided to collaborate with Huawei to launch a red smartphone with –wait for it- the logo of KFC etched on the back of the phone with a laser.

This will make a phone that you could truly call “finger licking good.”

It comes with a built-in KFC app with credit.

They are only making 500 of them and are being launched only in China.

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